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New Hall School

Chelmsford / United Kingdom

New Hall School New Hall School is a leading Catholic independent boarding & day school for boys and girls aged 3-18. Founded in 1642, the school is the oldest Catholic school in England that has always taken girls.Famous Art and Design alumni include the Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington and the fashion designer Anya Hindmarch.Our historic and award winning department is housed in a spacious studio complex with outstanding facilities and extensive extra-curricular provision. Our students regularly exhibit work in our North Room Gallery.

Recent competition success and exhibitions in the past year include:

- The Queen's Portrait Award, Philip Mould Gallery, London.
- First Prize in the Catholic Independent Schools Competition and three special merit awards.
- Main prize-winner and shortlisted students in the European 'Who Are You?' competition (featured work on billboards in London and across the UK).
- A Level work displayed at Warwick University and Artsdepot arts centre in London.
- Main prize-winner and shortlisted students in the Royal Academy A Level Summer Exhibition.
- First Prize, HMC Schools Arts Competition.
- Two students' works on display in 'Your Works' screening on the 2nd floor of the Saatchi Gallery, London.

Pupils' Art Works

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Philipp Gazmanov, 16yrs   Portrait
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Soldier
Megan Lockwood, 16yrs   Skulls
Madison Jordan, 16yrs   Mirror Image
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Insomniac
Alice Baines, 17yrs   Church
Alesia Berahavaya, 17yrs   The Scream
Shing-on Ho, 18yrs   Chinese Modernist Architecture
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Megan
Yun Ni Gao, 15yrs   Spring
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   The Griffin
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Scrap heap
Megan Lockwood, 16yrs   Friends
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Larissa
Alesia Berahavaya, 17yrs   Portrait
Fleur Langford, 18yrs   Passers by
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   The Forest
Beck Dunn, 16yrs   Expressionist portrait
Daisy Robins, 16yrs   Screams
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Levitation
Hugo Franklin, 18yrs   Rock Man
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Expressionist self-portrait
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Experiment
Madison Jordan, 16yrs   Janus
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Lincoln memorial
Larissa Marais, 16yrs   Metamorphosis
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Close ups of a heart
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Tractor
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Frustrated Cyclist
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   City In Disguise
Daisy Robins, 16yrs   Portrait of an Old Man
Lily Langford, 14yrs   Alice in Wonderland
Isabelle Davies, 18yrs   Self Portrait
Emily Pilling, 13yrs   Madonna and Child
Emily Pilling, 13yrs   New Hall
Hao Hu, 17yrs   Swimmer
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Mannequins
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Self-portrait in Tea
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Self-portrait on tea box
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   Harvest
Francesca Bazley, 17yrs   Hand Iin Shower
Gregor. Petrikovic, 18yrs   Pan
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Othello
Isabel Miller de Vega, 17yrs   Fire Dance
Philipp Gazmanov, 16yrs   Trio
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Circle of Friends
Pengyu Ruan, 18yrs   Architecture
Beck Dunn, 16yrs   Expressionist portrait
Rebecca Webb, 16yrs   Textile installation
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   Figure. Study
Alice Baines, 17yrs   Beach Hut
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Entrails
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Experiment II
Shing-on Ho, 18yrs   Architectural designs
Amy Beth Ellice, 16yrs   Cake making Still Life (after John Bratby)
Amy Beth Ellice, 16yrs   Cake making process
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   Buddhism
Philipp Gazmanov, 16yrs   Duo
Larissa Marais, 16yrs   Web of Arms
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   The Great Wave
Madison Jordan, 16yrs   Family generstions
Jodie Reid, 18yrs   Blooms
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Pocket contents
Grace Edwards, 16yrs   Forest
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   Buddhist Installation
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Soldier
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Lincoln Memorial
Alex Sammons, 16yrs   Composition
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Windswept
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   Buddhist Figure
Sasha Musto, 16yrs   Sunlight
Larissa Marais , 16yrs   Daphne (Apollo and Daphne)
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Heart
Kathryn Hutton Penman, 16yrs   Dyslexia
Lily Langford, 14yrs   The Scream (after Miunch)
Shing-on Ho, 18yrs   City
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Contact
Amy Beth Ellice, 16yrs   Butterfly and Orange
Hugo Franklin, 18yrs   Leaf
Molly Midgen, 16yrs   Charred Flower
Molly Midgen, 16yrs   Layers
Grace Edwards, 16yrs   Figure
Elena Holt, 15yrs   Fire dress
Joann Burton, 18yrs   The Four Elements
Larissa Marais, 16yrs   Face
Rebecca Webb, 16yrs   Paving Slab
Gabriella Oxlade, 18yrs   Indtallation
Fleur Langford, 18yrs   Nature vs Technology
Rebecca Webb, 16yrs   Brighton Dome
Cherie Knight, 17yrs   Ashleigh
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Portrait
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Soldier
Grace Edwards, 16yrs   Figure
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Memories
Joann Burton, 18yrs   Engulfed
Hugo Franklin, 18yrs   Cone
Beck Dunn, 16yrs   Face
Molly Midgen, 16yrs   Charred Flower
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Escape
Joann Burton, 18yrs   Engulf
Joe McQuillan, 16yrs   Power Station
Megan Lockwood, 16yrs   Skull
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Lincoln Memorial
Anoushka Hobday, 16yrs   Hidden
Amy Beth Ellice, 16yrs   Butterfly
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   Pain
Gianni Fennings, 15yrs   Platform
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Soldier
Anoushka Hobday, 16yrs   Clearing
Fleur Langford, 18yrs   Nature vs Technology
Georgina Mead, 14yrs   Alice in Wonderland
Gabriella Oxlade, 18yrs   Apple
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   House
Lauren Malyon Davies, 14yrs   Alice in Wondetland
Megan Lockwood, 16yrs   Architecture
Beck Dunn, 16yrs   Portrait
Hugo Franklin, 18yrs   Natural Form
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   The World Turned Upside Down
Joann Burton, 18yrs   Engulf
Hugo Franklin, 18yrs   Stringed Man
Sasha Musto, 16yrs   Face
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Solitude
Joann Burton, 18yrs   Engulf
Wendy Li, 14yrs   Alice in Wonderland
Megan Lockwood, 16yrs   Figure
Alice Hindmarsh, 16yrs   Portrait
Rebecca Webb, 16yrs   Brighton Dome
Izabela Pagano, 17yrs   Wrinkles
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Self-portrait
Madison Jordan, 16yrs   Snake Head
Jia Guan, 17yrs   Doll
Shing-on Ho, 18yrs   Tiger Skull
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Submerged
Philipp Gazmanov, 16yrs   Portrait
Isabelle Davies, 16yrs   Faces
Philipp Gazmanov, 16yrs   Bandaged Reclining Figure
Rebecca Webb, 16yrs   Pillow
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Installation
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   Figure
Larissa Marais, 16yrs   Portrait
Francesca Bazley, 17yrs   Faces
Francesca Bazley, 17yrs   Figure in Shower
Daisy Robins, 16yrs   Roses
Alesia Berahavaya, 17yrs   Still-Life
Danielle Rothmann, 15yrs   Teapots
Alesia Berahavaya, 17yrs   Portrait
Alesia Berahavaya, 17yrs   Portrait
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 16yrs   Figure
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Self - portrait
Leanne Bailham, 16yrs   Mechanical Arm
Alesia Berahavaya, 17yrs   Portrait
Lucia Pirozekova , 18yrs   Self-portrait
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Heart
Beck Dunn, 16yrs   Self-portrait
Lucia Pirozekova, 18yrs   Untitled
Gregor Petrikovic, 18yrs   Untitled
Max Eagle, 16yrs   Skiers
Philipp Gazmanov, 16yrs   Portrait
Joe McQuillan, 16yrs   The Forgotten Worker
Megan Lockwood, 16yrs   Figure Studies
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   Paper Dress
Madison Jordan, 17yrs   Anatomical portrait
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 17yrs   Coastal construction
Emily Church, 16yrs   Rotten Apple
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   Portrait of Sister
Rachel Lam, 17yrs   Shattered pieces
Hannah Tomlinson Roe, 17yrs   Bottles
Wendy Li, 15yrs   Still Life
Dominic Morris, 18yrs   Figure in Thought
Toby Holland, Year 9yrs   Rearing Horse
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   Portrait
Alexander Sammons, 17yrs   Street View
Wendy Li, 15yrs   Tears
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   Portrait
Lucy Chapman, 18yrs   Dyslexia
Lucy Chapman, 18yrs   Dyslexia
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Excavation
Melissa Greaves, 18yrs   Portrait
Cherie Knight, 18yrs   Portrait
Charlize Spriggs, 14yrs   Courage in Conflict
Emily Pilling, 14yrs   Courage in Conflict
Toby Holland, 14yrs   Courage in Conflict
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   Courage in Conflict
Wendy Li, 15yrs   Courage in Conflict
Joyce Gao, 16yrs   Courage in Conflict
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   Man and Nature
Madison Jordan, 17yrs   Skull wrapping in decaying ham and bacon
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   Coastal textile
Dominic Morris, 17yrs   Skull
Alexandra Clarke, 14yrs   Emotion
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeological form I
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeological form II
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeological form III
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeological form IV
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeological forms
Wendy Li, 15yrs   Portrait of Woman
Cherie Knight, 18yrs   Portrait of friend
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   Summer Portrait
Wendy Li, 15yrs   Violinist
Cherie Knight, 18yrs   Study of an Ear
Cherie Knight, 18yrs   Study of a Head
Dominic Morris, 18yrs   Figure viewpoints
Ben Coxon, 16yrs   Freedom
Emily Church, 16yrs   Whirlpool
Joyce Gao, 16yrs   Architectural still life
Stephanie Wilson, 16yrs   Symmetry
Bryony Harding, 16yrs   Merge
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   Bicycle Baskets I
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   Bicycle Baskets II
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   Bicycle Baskets III
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   Bicycle Baskets IV
Bella Peng, 16yrs   Underground
Bella Peng, 16yrs   Travel
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   Architectural sketch
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Found objects
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   Trio of fashion studies
Janece Wong, 15yrs   Girl with Apple
Lucy Chapman, 18yrs   School Reports
Dominic Morris, 18yrs   Portrait
Ashleigh Pemberton, 18yrs   Natural object
Saskia Walmsley, 15yrs   Studies of a dog
Alexander Sammons, 17yrs   Architectural study
Rachel Lam, 17yrs   Assemblage
Amy-Beth Ellice, 17yrs   Afternoon Tea
Wendy Li, 15yrs   Dancing figures
Alexander Sammons, 17yrs   Architecture and atmosphere
Dominic Morris, 18yrs   Study of hands
Dominic Morris, 18yrs   Study of hands
Wendy Li, 15yrs   Dancing figure
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeology 1
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeology 2
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeology 3
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeology 4
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeology 5
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   Archaeology 6
Cherie Knight, 18yrs   Portrait of friend in coat
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   Under a sheet
Madison Jordan, 18yrs   Decaying skulls
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   Trio of dresses