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Pine School

Holtville / United States

Pine School Pine School is located in the rural, agricultural community of Holtville, which is located 120 miles east of San Diego and 20 miles northeast of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Pine School is a K-8 school and serves approximately 180 students. Pine students are expected to do the very best they can in all endeavors. It is our goal to teach curriculum based on state standards and enhance their academic, physical, and social skills. Pine School staff is committed to the education of every child. Students will be provided access to the curriculum and appropriate interventions. We believe the community, home, and school share the responsibility for a child's education and development so that they will be productive citizens and lifelong learners.

Pupils' Art Works

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Esmeralda Morales, 10yrs   Wonderland
Kayla Nunez, 13yrs   Prideful
Kayla Nunez, 13yrs   Lost Control
Kayla Nunez, 13yrs   Fading Away
Kayla Nunez, 13yrs   Seeing Darkness
Annie Britschgi , 13yrs   Rainy Day Mushroom
Annie Britschgi , 13yrs   Misty Mushrooms
Nayeli Garcia, 13yrs   Hidden Cabin
Yasmin Ornelas, 12yrs   String and Butterfly Wings
Yasmin Ornelas, 12yrs   Thoughtful
Yasmin Ornelas, 12yrs   Gears and Gadgets
Monica Morales, 8yrs   Dinosaurs
Yasmin Ornelas, 13yrs   Flower Patch
Yasmin Ornelas, 13yrs   Swimming with Fish
Yasmin Ornelas, 13yrs   Swimming in Dreams
Isabella Kaufman, 5yrs   Pig
Alexandra Kaufman, 8yrs   Bunny