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Gomersal Primary School

Gomersal / United Kingdom

Gomersal Primary School We are a primary school with 420 children. We are currently developing our art curriculum and have recently introduced a specialist art teacher who works within a purpose built art room in school.

Pupils' Art Works

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Jena Clough, 10 Yearsyrs   Paradise Oasis
Mason Tinker, 10 Years yrs   The Great Lake
Georgia Sykes, 10 Yearsyrs   Rainbow Seascape
Jessica Cockayne, 11 Yearsyrs   The arrow grass
Jessica Wilson, 11 Yearsyrs   Happy Days
Roshan Kaushal, 10 Yearsyrs   Land ahoy
Lewis Wilkinson, 10 Yearsyrs   Bobby\'s day out
Joshua Hepworth, 10 Yearsyrs   A day in Spain
All pupils in School, 4 - 11 Yearsyrs   The Great Gathering
Evie Burrows, 8 Yearsyrs   Fluffy
Mia Howarth, 8 Yearsyrs   Rosie
Ava Tempest, 9 Yearsyrs   Maisie
Nuala Conner, 9 Yearsyrs   Cotton Tail
Edward Hopkinson, 8 Yearsyrs   Jack
Emily Rawlins, 9 Yearsyrs   Elderly Edward
Sam Revell, 9 Yearsyrs   Ed
Olivia Clark, 9 Yearsyrs   Multicoloured Self Portrait
Olivia Clark, 9 Years oldyrs   Digital multicoloured ME
Olivia Clark, 9 Years oldyrs   Yellow and Pink digital me
Olivia Clark, 9 Years oldyrs   Yellow and pink inked me
Harriet Clark, 8 Years oldyrs   Self portrait
Sarah Clifford, 7 Years oldyrs   Inked portrait
Year 6 pupils, Age 10 and 11 Yearsyrs   Large abstract circles
Iyla MaKaig, 8 Years oldyrs   Self Portrait
Keani Hughes, 8 Years Oldyrs   Self portrait
Sadie, 7 Years Oldyrs   Digital Self portrait
Samuel Ashton, 8 Years Oldyrs   Digital Self portrait
Roshan Kaushan, Aged 11yrs   Digital self portrait