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Tuxford / United Kingdom

Tuxford Academy

Tuxford Academy Tuxford School converted to become an academy in September 2011. In most respects, the change in status from maintained school to academy has not altered Tuxford’s character: it has continued to grow, and is much larger than the average secondary school; it has national support school status; and a specialism in technology. In April 2012, it was designated as a Teaching School. The academy is part of the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership with two other secondary academies, under the leadership of the Executive Principal.
The vast majority of students are of White British heritage. The proportion known to be eligible for free school meals is well below average, and the proportion of students supported by school action plus or with a statement of special educational need is broadly average. Attainment meets the current floor standards, which are the minimum standards expected by the government.

Pupils' Art Works

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