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Hillview School For Girls

Tonbridge / United Kingdom

Hillview School for Girls Hillview School for Girls is a creative environment in which to learn. We are a non- selective girls school with a mixed Sixth Form. Students can study a range of Arts subjects including Fine Art, Photography, Fashion and Textiles, Graphics, Drama, Music, Dance and Musical Theatre. The creative ethos encourages exploration, investigation and experimentation across the Curriculum.

Pupils' Art Works

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Lexi, 17yrs   frozen burnt unharmed 1
Lexi, 17yrs   frozen burnt unharmed 2
Lexi, 17yrs   frozen burnt unharmed 3
Ana, 14yrs   the feel of falling
Eliza, 14yrs   ephemeral
Nat, 18yrs   London Boy
Ella, 17yrs   Diluted & Erased 1
Ella, 17yrs   Diluted & Erased 2
Cordelia, 13yrs   Lost in Thought
Victoria, 13yrs   Family Background
Amy, 17yrs   Boy/Girl/Girl/Boy 1
Amy, 17yrs   Boy/Girl/Girl/Boy 2
Alex, 17yrs   Brave New World
Sophie, 13yrs   Reticence
Phoebe , 14yrs   Moonface
Molly, 17yrs   Julia
Paul, 17yrs   Culture Clash
Naomi, 17yrs   Adorned
Darcie, 13yrs   Identity
Leonna, 17yrs   And Outcasts Always Mourn
Shannon, 15yrs   Identifying Feature
Natasha, 18yrs   Energy Decayed
Rachel, 13yrs   Together
Megan, 17yrs   Gaining & Releasing
Isla, 16yrs   Shift
Sathya, 13yrs   Me
Izzy, 17yrs   Blemish