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Lvs Ascot

Ascot / United Kingdom

LVS Ascot Independent Co-educational day and boarding school

Pupils' Art Works

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Diana Suris, 16yrs   Reflection
Megan Jenkinson , 16yrs   Twins
Regine Raule, 16yrs   Ralph
Emma Harwood, 16yrs   Girl
Caitlin Mills, 15yrs   Colour Bubbles
Regine Raule, 16yrs   The Reader
Jake Walker, 15yrs   Butchers
Megan Jenkinson, 16yrs   Homeless
Regine Raule, 16yrs  
Regine Raule, 16yrs  
Emily Stewart, 16yrs   Surfaces
Jake Walker, 16yrs   Body
Emma Harwood, 17yrs   Gilrl
Jai Rong, 17yrs   Paris Surfaces
Regine Raule, 17yrs   Megan
Arina, 18yrs   Dancer
Jake Walker, 16yrs   Drawing
Megan Jenkinson, 17yrs   Paris Statue
Richard, 17yrs   Memories
Jack, 16yrs   Machine
Callum Niven, 17yrs   Paris chaos
Helen White, 17yrs   Place