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Stari Grad - Primary School

Belgrade / Serbia

Stari grad - Primary School Primary school Stari grad is situated in the centre of the city of Belgrade. It was founded in 1961 Our school is small with about 250 students. However, it is unique since a great number of our students also attend music school or ballet school. Moreover, most of them are very talented and they enjoy spending time in our creative workshops. English, French and Greek are languages taught in our school.

Pupils' Art Works

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Tara Stankovic, 10 yrs   Owl
Tara Stankovic, 10 yrs   Magic hat
Tara Stankovic, 10 yrs   Ethno rug from Serbia
Aleksandar Krnjajic, 10 yrs   Christmas card
Aleksandar Krnjajic, 10 yrs  
Aleksandar Krnjajic, 10 yrs   Christmas card
Kanita Kujevic, 13yrs  
Tara Stankovic, 10 yrs   Christmas tree
Jasmina Osmani, 13yrs   My English teacher
Lana Rovcanin, 8yrs   My friend
Lana Rovcanin, 8yrs   My mother
Stefana Jovanovic, 10yrs   Owl
Jelena Jovanovic, 13yrs   Owl
Tara Stankovic, 10 yrs   Crow
Milos Andjelkovic, 13yrs   Blue hat
Tara Stankovic, 10 yrs   Fear
Viktor Lucic, 10yrs   Wise owl
Andrija Stankovic, 10yrs   Mighty lion
Ida Kulidzan, 12yrs   Melted beads
Sofija Filipovic, 12yrs   Living room
Igor Bakic, 10yrs   Dragon
Ida Kulidzan, 12yrs   Friends
Anja Femic, 12yrs   Still nature
Dijana Milovanovic, 12yrs   Front door
Dorotea Lucic, 12yrs   Birthday cake
Sava Rankovic, 10yrs   Presents
Elena Kamberov, 9yrs   Trees
Natalija Mihailovic, 11yrs   Boxes
Katarina Mandic, 9yrs   Jars
Sava Rankovic, 10yrs   Spoons
Andrea Stefanovic, 8yrs   Decoupage