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Brampton Manor Academy

London / United Kingdom

Brampton Manor Academy Mixed secondary academy and sixth form college in East Ham.

Pupils' Art Works

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Faria Hossain, 17yrs   Opression
Faria Hossain, 17yrs   The Nest
Lucinda Pina, 17yrs   Flatford
Lucinda Pina, 17yrs   Untitle
Simon Omorodion-Bowie, 17yrs   Reactions
Abishen Gosnami, 16yrs   Self
Gabriella Rahas, 16yrs   Lips
Faarzah Shaban, 16yrs   Water (purple face)
Faarzah Shaban, 16yrs   Self
Roberto Adriano, 17yrs   abduction
Layla Owen, 16yrs   Water
Sasha Khatun:, 16yrs   Water
Sasha Khatun:, 16yrs   Water
Tyarna Agyekum, 16yrs   untitled
Tyarna Agyekum, 16yrs   Rituals
Ellie irving, 16yrs   Old & new 1
Ellie Irving, 16yrs   Old & New 2
Rezija Samoska, 16yrs   Self portrate
Mohamed Abdalla, 15yrs   Inside Sweets Typology
Lean Garcia, 16yrs   untitled
Layla Owen, 16yrs   Untitled
Ikra Hussain, 15yrs   Untitled
Robyn Wilkinson, 17yrs   Peeping
Simon Omorodion Bowie, 17yrs   Corrupted
Ellie Irving, 16yrs   Self Portrait - Hundreds and Thousands
Claire Smith, 15yrs   Sweet Slide
Tia Grant, 16yrs   Textiles Self Portrait
Simran Dovedi, 17yrs   Sellotape Self Portrait