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Horsham / United Kingdom

Tanbridge House School

Tanbridge House School Tanbridge House School is an inspiring place to be part of. This is true from the viewpoints of both students and adults. We all share the same goals and are striving to be ‘exceptional every day’. First and foremost, we are a community school which allows each individual to thrive and develop.

Our aims are:

- To ensure that every student is supported to maximise their academic potential and reach their "personal best"
- Enabling every student at Tanbridge House School to become self motivated to develop respect of others and to gain a real sense of self-worth within a caring and nurturing school environment
- Building strong links with parents/carers and our community to provide an outstanding educational experience for all learners in a co-educational environment
- Insisting on excellent teaching to ensure progression and actively responding to individual needs, talents, skills and interests.
- To promote enquiring minds, creativity and confidence.
- Ensuring provision of the best facilities in a comfortable, attractive and safe work-place
- Empowering students at Tanbridge House School to develop essential skills for lifelong learning, vital for success in a fast changing and diverse society
- To aspire to be "Exceptional Every Day"

Pupils' Art Works

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