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St Catherine's Bramley

Bramley, Guildford / United Kingdom

St Catherine\'s Bramley St Catherine's is an independent school for girls in Bramley, Surrey. Art is celebrated in the school and we are proud of numerous site-specific works that students and artists-in-residence have created for the school. The Art department does not have a house style as we want the students to find their own personal style and way of working.

Pupils' Art Works

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Tasha, 17 yrs   Catch!
Tasha, 17 yrs   Ignite
Tasha, 17 yrs   The Price of Fashion
Tasha, 17 yrs   Dusted
Sophie, 17 yrs   Trapped
Scarlett, 17 yrs   Nadia
Saoirse, 16 yrs   Untitled
Pip, 17yrs  
Pip, 17 yrs  
Mari-Liis, 18 yrs  
Mari-Liis, 18yrs  
Mari-Liis, 18 yrs  
Jenny, 17 yrs  
Isy, 16yrs   Table Setting in Red
Isy, 16yrs   Westminster
Imogen, 17 yrs  
Elodie, 17 yrs   Figment of Shadow( Sister)
Emily, 17 yrs  
Imogen, 17yrs  
Ann-Maree, 15yrs   Heaven or Hell
Ann-Maree, 15 yrs   Fight or Flight
Karen, 18 yrs  
Kate, 16 yrs  
Natasha, 16 yrs