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Holland Park School

London / United Kingdom

Holland Park School Holland Park School is a mixed comprehensive school. We have a thriving and inspirational Art Department. Our students are ambitious, driven and innovative, always looking to push the boundaries of what 'School Art' should and can be. Ten percentage of the school's places are allocated to students who can display an aptitude for Art.

Pupils' Art Works

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Sarah Bagheri, 17yrs   The Visceral Self
Sophia Ellis, 17yrs   Being in a Painting
Hena Pasic, 17yrs   Self Portrait
Phoebe Ingleby, 16yrs   Standing
Rose Norris, 17yrs   Black and White, No. 1 to 6
Chater Jordan, 17yrs   Twenty Point Seven Five
Amelie Chung, 11yrs   Textural Landscape
Isabella Wheatley, 12yrs   Textural Landscape
Issah Khan, 11yrs   Textural Landscape
Julietta Gramigni, 11yrs   Textural Landscape
Luke Wilson, 11yrs   Textural Landscape
Milla Kahl-El Gabry, 11yrs   Textural Landscape
Saskia Bain, 12yrs   Textural Landscape
Zari Ibbetson, 12yrs   Textural Landscape
Ben Salmon, 15yrs   Identity
Cydney Lovett Downey, 15yrs   Visceral
Erona Jashanica, 16yrs   Growing Up
George Offenbach, 14yrs   Decay
George Offenbach, 14yrs   Decay (Photography)
George Offenbach, 14yrs   Decay (Sculpture)
Harper Doyle, 14yrs   Childhood is a Fragile Thing
Hassa Benefallahi, 15yrs   A Cruel Business
Jonah McLeod, 14yrs   Inevitability
Onosiokhue Yakubu , 14yrs   Sinister
Onosiokhue Yakubu , 14yrs   Distress
Yevhen Nahirna, 16yrs   Sleeping Innocence
Yevhen Nahirna, 16yrs   An Appropriation of Formality
Erona Jashanica, 15yrs   For Everyone Else
Sequoia Murrel, 16yrs   Skull