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Doha English Speaking School

Doha / Qatar

Doha English Speaking School Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is located in Doha, Qatar.

A vibrant, high achieving British school where children develop a love of learning in a secure and stimulating environment.

From the classroom to the sports field, our team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff ensure that all DESS children have happy, productive experiences and are exposed to a multitude of fantastic opportunities through the English National Curriculum.

We are proud to produce independent children with lively, enquiring minds and strong ethical values that are equipped with the life skills needed to succeed and give back to their communities.

Pupils' Art Works

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HA1C, 5yrs   Matisse Style Artwork
JB1C, 5yrs   Matisse Style Artwork
Jacob G, 6yrs   Matisse Cut outs
Haneefa H, 6yrs   Matisse Cut outs
Caelan 5A, 10yrs   Sunset silhouette
Jana 5A, 9yrs   Sunset silhouette
Saad 5A, 9yrs   Sunset silhouette
Sofia 5A, 10yrs   Sunset silhouette
Maria 5A, 10yrs   Sunset silhouette
Iraj 5A, 9yrs   Sunset silhouette
Yusra 5A, 9yrs   Moonlight silhouette
Hamza, 10yrs   Sunset silhouette
Sid, 9yrs   Sunset silhouette
Annie, 9yrs   Sunset silhouette
Ella, 9yrs   Sunset silhouette
Aleysha, 9yrs   Sunset silhouette
Abdullah, 10yrs   Moonlight silhouette