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Barnaul Children's Art School â„–1

Barnaul / Russia

Barnaul Children\'s Art School №1 Barnaul children’s Art School No.1 was established in 1966 and it was the first school in the Altai Territory. At that time only 30 pupils were enrolled in the school, but now more than 600 boys and girls attend it.
The first headmaster of the school was Mikhail Badyan. Then in different times it was headed by Tamara Stepanskaya, Doctor of Arts, professor of the Altai State University; Ivan Samozvantsev, Honored worker of culture of Russia. From 1985 the headmaster of the school is Elena Sokolova, art critic, Honored worker of culture of Russia.
At present there are four departments in the school: painting, decorative art, design and evening courses for adults. Children study the following subjects: drawing, painting, composition, graphic and landscape design, decorative art and history of art.
Every year our pupils become winners of various International, All-Russian and regional art competitions.
Some paintings of the pupils of the school are in the funds of The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Pupils' Art Works

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Fritz Katya, 15yrs   Death of a Poet
Shmidt Elina, 11yrs   Self-portrait. Me, Bird and My World
Kislyak Ulyana, 12yrs   Altai Kumandinka with a sprig maralnik
Bogdanova Veronika, 16yrs   The Grand Duke Vladimir at Hersonese
Alexandrova Anfisa, 13yrs   Girlfriends
Syrovatko Anya, 15yrs   Younger sister
Charkina Masha, 7yrs   Portrait  of  Mother
Romanova Ksenia, 14yrs   And the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe
Shmidt Elina, 12yrs   Portrait of Architect M.I.Shmidt
Levashova Sasha, 11yrs   Happy family
Katz Renata, 13yrs   DATE
Shkoda Masha, 13yrs   Winter Lace
Zhalybina Anastasia, 17yrs    Vorontsov Palace
Zayakina Ulyana, 13yrs   Autumn. Lermontov
Brezgunova Tanya, 11yrs   Spring Altai
Borovikova Lisa, 14yrs   Big Ben
Charkina Masha, 7yrs   Thunderstorm
Sukovatov Paul, 13yrs   Temple
Ksenia Lazareva, 15yrs   Walk on the student\'s alley
Kurdyashova Jana, 14yrs   Patience and a little effort
Malikova Alina, 16yrs   Altai. The harsh and gentle
Mitina Sophia, 10yrs   En plein air
Malikova Alina, 16yrs   Central Park in New York
Moskovkina Ulyana, 12yrs   Autumn Walk
Nagaitseva Sonia, 13yrs   In the winter in the country
Oleinik Sofia, 10yrs   Spring with winter meet
Olga Maltseva, 13yrs   Evening BARNAUL
Shavrakova Alena, 13yrs   Bridges of separation
Teyhrib Alla, 10yrs   Swan  Lake
Smetanina Polina, 15yrs   Rainy London