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Arabian Pearl Gulf School

Manama, City / Bahrain

Arabian Pearl Gulf School The APG School is an English-medium, highly academic, non-selective, co-educational, independent day school catering for students from the ages of 4 to 18.The school provides high quality education to children of different backgrounds. We believe we can add more value to students so they can perform to the best of their abilities, be accepted by the most competitive international universities and have successful careers. The school develops the students' academic competence, learning strategies , interpersonal skills and high caliber personality in addition to instilling in the students high ethical, moral and civic values , and community service. The setting of the school helps students develop better understanding of the world cultures , dialogue and diverse relationship.

Pupils' Art Works

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Jood Ali Ebrahim, 9yrs   Eid al Adha
Jenan Ali Jaffer, 9yrs   To the Sea
Farris Ahmed Majeed, 9yrs   Planting by the Sea Shore
Hussain Abdulla Al Sheed, 9yrs   Football
Lujain Hussein Adbul Jalil, 9yrs   Abstract Watermelon
Layla Mohammed, 6yrs   Sea Bed
Fatima Sayed Hashem, 8yrs   Sad Earth
Mohammed Mahdi, 8yrs   Happy Day Out
Fatima Ahmed, 8yrs   Dirty Cruise Experience
Mohammed Hussein, 8yrs   Traditional Game
Malak Ali Ahmed, 8yrs   My Dolly
Alaa Ebrahim, 12yrs   Sunset
Jassim Raed, 11yrs   Pear
Ali A.Hussein, 12yrs   Popsicle
Ali Hussein Yousif, 11yrs   Air Balloon
Dana Shaker A.Jalil, 13yrs   Candle on the Chair
Dana Shaker A.Jalil, 13yrs   Traditional Kettles
Zainab Mohammed Ali, 13yrs   Traditional Kettles
Rawan Yaser Abbas, 12yrs   Sunflowers
Alaa Hussein Yaqoob, 12yrs   My Bedroom
Rawan Yaser Abbas, 12yrs   Sunflower Bunch
Fatima Hani A.Nabi, 13yrs   A Pair of Sunflowers
Safa Sadiq Isa, 13yrs   Grandpa\'s Chair
Fatima Abdulla Habib, 13yrs   Why Not a Purple Sunflower?
Mohammad Hassan Ali, 12yrs   Old Shore Village
Zainab Mohammed Ali, 13yrs   Old Village Mosque
Sara Jalil Mohsen, 12yrs   Candle and Books on a Chair
Yusuf Hasan Al Hamad, 13yrs   Old Village by the Shore
Muntaha Abbas Abd. Wahab, 13yrs   Chair