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Moniaive Primary School

Thornhill / United Kingdom

Moniaive Primary School Moniaive Primary School is situated in the small rural village of Moniaive in Dumfriesshire, with a school role of 52 pupils. We strive to encourage, inspire and support our pupils to believe in their own abilities and achieve their full potential.

Pupils' Art Works

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Whole class, 9yrs   Edinburgh Tattoo
Whole class, 7,8 and 9yrs   Light
Whole class, 5 & 6yrs   Bus Stop on a Rainy Day
Jakim, 9yrs   Stormy Sea
Rosie, 7yrs   Stormy Sea
Jack, 9yrs   Juicy Apple
Euan, 9yrs   Flight
Annabel, 7yrs   Northern Lights