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Prva Gimnazija Varaždin

Varaždin / Croatia

Prva gimnazija Varaždin Prva gimnazija Varaždin today offers three national programmes (general, scientific and languages), bilingual programme in English/Croatian and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). Also, students can take the German language diploma exam, as well as ECDL exams and OSD exams. Students of the school have achieved excellent results in the regular programmes and in the national and international sports and scientific competitions, including the Olympiad in mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry and German.Besides activities of the regular programmes, there are extracurricular activities and groups which enable students to express their talents and creativity and to develop democratic skills and responsibility. These are: Music Group, Theatron Drama Group, Journalists, Literary Group, Debate Club, Sprachdiplom Workshop, Cultural Heritage Workshop, Protection of School Heritage Workshop, Protection of Natural Heritage Workshop, Ecology Group, Exploration GroupS, Photo Group, Film Group, Sports Clubs, etc.

The school has been involved in a number of projects of the Council of Europe (e.g. Education for Democratic Citizenship) and European Commission (e.g. Comenius, Erasmus+). Further, it is a member of the UNESCO’s Associated Schools, working on the projects of promotion and protection of the national and global, cultural and natural heritage, as well as on the projects of the intercultural education.

Pupils' Art Works

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