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Weston All Saints Primary School

Bath / United Kingdom

Weston All Saints Primary School "WASPS: Where we buzz with enthusiasm, creativity and talent. Where we have an amazing ability to aim high and do our very best. Where the staff draw our talents out of us by making our learning fun. Where we are reliable friends so that no-one is left out and we never give up!"

These are the words of one of our Year 4 classes and they sum us up pretty well. We are passionate about the performing and expressive arts and we love nothing better than sharing our philosophy - that every child is born creative - with as many people and other schools as possible.

We are a large and vibrant, state-funded primary school, set in beautiful grounds on the outskirts of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath.

Our headteacher, Dr Anne Bull, is a National Leader in Education and was awarded an OBE for her services to education. She has championed the provision of the arts in primary schools for many decades.

Pupils' Art Works

Click on the images to see details
Neve 4WD, 8yrs   Nativity Triptych
Oscar 4W, 9 (when he made it!)yrs   Blue Dragon
Bessie 6S, 11yrs   Zebra
Toby S, 6yrs   Top left corner of Hockney \'Garrowby Hill\'
Isabella , 6yrs   Superhero Puppet
Monty, 6yrs   Easter Island Statue
Joshua 6L, 11yrs   Dragon\'s Eye
Nico 6S, 10yrs   Homage to Paul Klee
Rosy 6S, 11yrs   William Morris Envelope Design
Lauren 6S, 10yrs   William Morris Envelope Design
Polly 6S, 11yrs   William Morris Envelope Design
Year 4, 8-9yrs   Homage to L.S. Lowry
Class 6L, 10-11yrs   The Light of the World
Whole School, 4-11yrs   Royal Portraits
Year 6, 11yrs   Hyena
Lydia and Emily 6S, 10-11yrs   Homage to Natalie Rymer
Across KS2, 7-11yrs   Light Catchers
Danielle 1SS, 5yrs   Underwater Collage
Lucie 1T, 5yrs   Animals of the Savannah
Josh 6L, 11yrs   Victorian Gentleman
Class 5CP, 9-10yrs   Charles I
Various KS2 Pupils, 7-11yrs   The Mosaic Cross
Various, 6-11yrs   Ceramic Flower Garden
Various KS2 Pupils, 7-11yrs   Healthy Eating Scarecrow
Various , 4-6yrs   Little WASPS Tree of Love
Reggie 1SS, 5yrs   Bethlehem Scene
Various, 5-11yrs   \
Joshua 6L, 10yrs   Fern
Louis , 10yrs   Georgian Townhouse
Bethan , 10yrs   Georgian Townhouse
Erin, 9yrs   Lino-cut Fish
Various Y3 and Y6 Pupils, 7/8 & 10/11 pupilsyrs   Wild Flowers