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Barking Abbey School

Essex / United Kingdom

Barking Abbey School Barking Abbey is a mixed school of approximately 2,000 pupils. We are proud of the fact that we are a multi-cultural community and we seek to celebrate our diversity in as many ways as possible. Tolerance of, respect for, and understanding of others are vital aspects of preparing young people for adult life. This ethos is what underpins our school motto:
“Barking Abbey School is a place where everyone gives and expects the best” and where everyone can say, “I belong”.

Pupils' Art Works

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Emily Harris, 17yrs  
Emily Harris, 17yrs   Bethan
Emily Harris, 17yrs  
Emily Harris, 17yrs  
Emily Harris, 17yrs  
Georgia Edwards, 17yrs   Move Part II
Hamzah Mahmud, 16yrs   Another day
Jeanine Bulion, 16yrs   Fire & Ice
Sam Mulqueen, 18yrs   A fraction of the day.
Talveer Daniel Sokhal, 17yrs   Suspended
Hamzah Mahmud, 16yrs   Psychogeography
Ruksana Begum, 18yrs   1 of 2 Birds
Ruksana Begum, 18yrs   2 of 2 Bird
Megan Pocock, 17yrs   Beauty and the Beast
Radwan Bakkali, 18yrs   The duplicitousness of Charlie
Chloe Bowen, 17yrs   Clay1
Chloe Bowen, 17yrs   clay2
Courtney Peverill, 17yrs   Homestead
Megan Pocock, 18yrs   Father, the Holy Trinity.
Courtney Peverill, 17yrs   A housing crisis
Tyra Chuck, 17yrs  
Oliver Laing, 15yrs   Oliver is Dagenham Heathway
Nathan Smith, 18yrs   What the ey cannot see
Janeek James, 17yrs   A day in the sun
Mariam Bouazza, 17yrs   My sister, my light.
Nadia Elafi, 15yrs   My family.
Monicka Johnson, 16yrs  
Nadia Choudhury, 16yrs  
Radwan Bakkali, 18yrs   Nathan Smith
Mariam Bouazza, 18yrs  
Victorija Bucionyte, 15yrs  
Elvita Ragaite, 16yrs  
Gurdeep Bhamra, 16yrs  
Victorija Bucionyte, 15yrs  
Victorija Bucionyte, 15yrs  
Emily Harris, 17yrs  
Chloe White, 18yrs   4/5
Chloe White, 18yrs   5/5
Chloe White, 18yrs   3/5
Chloe White, 18yrs   2/5
Chloe White, 18yrs   1/5
Ambar Jaffrey, 17yrs  
Ambar Jaffrey, 17yrs  
Ambar Jaffrey, 18yrs  
Kai Fagbayi, 17yrs   I\'m OK, honestly
Kotryna Murnikovaite, 16yrs  
Sam Mulqueen, 18yrs   Design 1 for a museum poster
Sam Mulqueen, 18yrs   Design 2 for museum poster
Sam Mulqueen, 18yrs   Design 3 for museum poster