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Liceo Artistico Statale Via Ripetta

Rome / Italy

Liceo Artistico Statale Via Ripetta The high school is located in the heart of Renaissance Rome at the center of the main cultural events and exhibitions.
It is the oldest art school tradition that is housed in the historic Palazzo Chamber in via Ripetta 218, with a branch office in Viale Pinturicchio 71.
The Institute offers its students 55 classrooms, a gym with changing rooms, a library with reading room, a screening room, various laboratories for specific activities: information technology, multimedia, architecture and design, graphic and visual art techniques, dance, theater, photography, video.
The Art School "Via Ripetta 218" is an Institute which is accessed with the school diploma. The core subjects are the arts with the cultural and scientific materials common to other high schools

Pupils' Art Works

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Marianna Ferrario, 16yrs   Walking in Paris
Sara Lahmer, 16yrs   Own Vision
Valerio Angiolillo, 17yrs   Natural decay of memories’ texture 2
Valerio Angiolillo, 17yrs   Natural decay of memories’ texture
Cefalo ludovica, 18yrs   Effect
Damiano Tata , 18yrs   Mirror
Camilla Amenta, 16yrs   The decadence
Emanuele Cantoro, 18yrs   Metamorphosis
Federica Morittu, 18yrs   THE PASSERS-BY
Pierina Mazzi, 17yrs   Title: the silence of the fragility of the heart
Beatrice Marchitelli, 17yrs   After the dream
Erica Agamennone, 17yrs   Cyborg unit Kepler 452-B
Isabelle Salari, 17yrs   Tsunami
Isabelle Salari, 17yrs   L\'Inizio
Isabelle Salari, 17yrs   Il naufragio
Valerio Angiolillo, 17yrs   NATURAL DECAY OF MEMORIES’ TEXTURE 3
Valerio Angiolillo, 17yrs   Acid Confusion
Lorena Tiberi, 18yrs   Walking away
Yasmin Giangiordano , 18yrs   The stargazer
Yasmin Giangiordano , 18yrs   The happy thinker
Yasmin Giangiordano, 18yrs   Vague and undefined
Erica Agamennone, 17yrs   Betrayed
Valerio Angiolillo, 17yrs   My gravitational collapse
Valerio Angiolillo, 17yrs   Blurred
Ludovica Russo, 17yrs   untitled
Ina Jung, 18yrs   Atlante
Maddalena Scuderoni, 17yrs   untitled
Giorgia Bucci, 18yrs   Roots
Giorgia Bucci, 18yrs   Samurai\'s blood