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Dover Grammar School For Girls

Dover / United Kingdom

Dover Grammar School for Girls At Dover Grammar School for Girls we encourage all students to work to the best of their ability in a relaxed but busy atmosphere in the studios. We like to discuss work in progress, and give individual and group tuition to introduce new ideas or techniques. We encourage class members to support each other, praising other’s achievements and helping one another. This makes for a very positive and friendly atmosphere in the studios.

At Key Stage 3, girls are introduced to the formal elements of art, line, colour, form, texture, perspective; drawing, painting, printing, textiles and 3D work. They research into the lives of many and varied artists and are given an introduction to their styles of work. Girls are also shown how to link their own art with poetry, literature, music, drama, history and world events.

Students taking GCSE Art are taken on a visit to Quex Park, Birchington at the end of Year 9, to launch their Year 10 Culture Unit and introduce them to the animals and artefacts collected in Africa.

At Key Stage 4, girls follow the EDUQAS course. They complete a portfolio of coursework (Unit 1, 60% of the marks) and then take a final examination, interpreting themes and starting points set by the Board (Unit 2, 40%). In Year 10 the girls focus their attention on the Arts and Culture of Africa, and will learn about textile techniques and complete several pieces of their own. The second half of the course in Year 10 concentrates on drawing and painting techniques, and each girl will complete a portrait using oil paints.

Students at KS3, KS4 and KS5 are also given the opportunity to work at different venues or with visiting artists and writers as they arise, and take part in different kinds of artistic competitions organised by the school or outside agencies.

Students at KS4 and 5 have the opportunity to exhibit their work, either as part of schools’ competitions or in local galleries and National Galleries. They have also had the chance to work with English Heritage and create an exhibition of paintings and photographs featuring Dover Castle. As well as working on a film about the 2nd World War Tables at Dover Castle, made by BBC cameramen and which included both live action and stop-go animation filming.

Each year many of our A level students go on to Foundation courses to continue their art education, or find courses at university which will involve using and developing their artistic knowledge. Every student that applies gets into their first choice of art college or university because of the strength of the contents of their portfolio.

Pupils' Art Works

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Emily Drysdale, 17yrs   The Raven
Chloe Miles, 18yrs   Cultural Portrait
Nicola Dunsbee, 18yrs   Pastel shades of Nan
Thrishali Sumanasekera, 17yrs   Mum
Chloe Miles, 18yrs   On the Beach
Emily Drysdale, 17yrs   Portrait of Mr Bartlett
Girtrude Hamm, 17yrs   Mr Bartlett
Thrishali Sumanasekera, 17yrs   in costume
Georgia Finnis, 17yrs   TOES
Freya Wiltshire, 15yrs   Shades and Elements
Carmen Tyrrell, 16yrs   The Headmaster
Phoebe Mackay, 17yrs   Shanny
Phoebe Mackay, 17yrs   Ryan
Rachael Watts, 17yrs   Ariel
Holly Whitworth, 17yrs   Father
Holly Whitworth, 17yrs   Cathedral
Elisabeth Hall, 17yrs   Contorted
Elisabeth Hall, 17yrs   mum and brother
Elisabeth Hall, 17yrs   Who am i ?
Elisabeth Hall, 17yrs   Mug shots of my Mother
Elisabeth Hall, 17yrs   Essence of Me
Georgia Finnis, 18yrs   Textile Beaney
Emily Drysdale, 17yrs   Indistinct
Ryan Gilmore, 17yrs   Apple of my Eye
Ryan Gilmore, 17yrs   Apple No Eyes
Liberty Walker, 17yrs   & Eve
Liberty Walker, 17yrs   Adam