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Lucaya International School

Freeport / Bahamas

Lucaya International School Established in 1998, Lucaya International School is situated on the island of Grand Bahama. The school prides itself on being a warm and friendly community, catering to international and Bahamian families. There are more than twenty nationalities making up the student body and a teaching faculty of over ten nationalities. The school offers the P.Y.P., I.G.C.S.E. and I.B. Diploma programmes and the aim is to develop every student to their full potential, enabling them to become creative, critical and independent thinkers.

Pupils' Art Works

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Maya Simmons, 15yrs   Bahama Rhythms
Maya Simmons, 15yrs   Hiding
Maya Simmons, 15yrs   Still Life
Maya Simmons, 15yrs   Sadness
Maya Simmons, 15yrs   Cracks
Carlie McBrayer, 15yrs   I See
Carlie McBrayer, 15yrs   Whispers
Carlie McBrayer, 15yrs   Secrets
Carile McBrayer, 15yrs   You See What You Want To