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Stoke Newington School

London / United Kingdom

Stoke Newington School Stoke Newington School is a community comprehensive offering a high quality creative education for all.
SNS has a strong reputation as a school with a special comitment to creativity and media arts – a reputation that began in the 1960s and continues today.
We are the proud holders of four Artsmark Gold awards, the latest awarded to us in 2011. Each award recognises commitment and excellence across the arts for three years.
We were one of the first schools to be awarded School of Creativity status in 2008, during a successful 10-year relationship with Creative Partnerships, before the arts funding organisation was wound up in 2011.
Each year, SNS holds a series of ‘Creative Days’, when whole year groups work on special creative projects bringing together work in different subject areas.
We also pride ourselves on creative approaches to teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Pupils' Art Works

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Zoe George, 15yrs   Dancer
Oleksandra Mohyley, 16yrs   Flowing
Remi Walters, 18yrs   untitled
Taiyo Bradshaw, 18yrs  
Taiyo Bradshaw, 18yrs  
Taiyo Bradshaw, 18yrs  
Angelo Russell, 17yrs  
Rivka Cocker, 17yrs   No More Page 3
Georgina Joseph, 17yrs  
Jessie Turner, 18yrs  
Aria Boucher, 18yrs  
Ruth Tewungwa, 15yrs   Clissold Park Landscape
Ruth Tewungwa, 15yrs   Is the Grass Greener?
Bridie Beaumont-Epstein, 15yrs   Clissold Park Landscape
Carrie Stasiak, 15yrs   Clissold Park Landscape
Ellis Southgate-Wilkinson, 17yrs