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Rhydygors Special School

Carmarthen / United Kingdom

Rhydygors Special School Rhydygors Special School is an ESBD school for residential and day pupils. The school caters for young people with a range of additional needs. The school promotes the value of a stimulating, creative learning environment which encourages our young people to seek opportunities to move forward positively in their lives. Most of our young people have experienced difficult and challenging times in their lives. Offering a wide range of creative learning experiences supports our young people to find ways to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings in a non pressured and non judgmental environment.

Pupils' Art Works

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DS, 13 yearsyrs   Celtic Cross
SL, 13 yearsyrs    Yayoi Clock
BM, 15 years yrs   Forest Trail
OT, 11 years yrs   Bird box salon
James, 15 yearsyrs   Surfacing
James, 15 years yrs   Day of the Dead
Cameron, 15 yearsyrs   Pandora
AE , 12 yearsyrs   Pandora II