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Whalsay Junior High School

Whalsay / United Kingdom

Whalsay Junior High School A small three department school: nursery, primary & secondary up to year 4. With one class for each year group, the school serves the island community of Whalsay. A fishing community in the Shetland isles, connected to the mainland of Shetland by a half-hour ro-ro ferry journey.

Pupils' Art Works

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Duane Gaines, 12yrs   Pop art self portrait
Anya Williamson, 13yrs   Fireworks and Circus
Magnus Polson, 12yrs   Green Man
Lisa Anderson, 11yrs   Eat Five a Day
Secondary 2 group, 12yrs   Malcolm Gladwell quote banner
Jenny Simpson, 13yrs   Squid
Ella Kay , 5yrs   Allsorts drawing
Connor Irvine, 12yrs   Burning Up-helly-aa galley
Rosie Neicho, 11yrs   Contrasting colour painting
Lianne Jamieson, 12yrs   Stormy Sea
Clive Eunson, 12yrs   Simmer Dim
secondary one group, 12yrs   Rain-forest Picture
Amber Paton, 12yrs   Fish Van project
Lianne Jamieson, 13yrs   Scream Painting
Robbie Eunson, 13yrs   Scream Painting
Ryan Irvine, 14yrs   Drawing of Rebecca
Ian Poleson, 13yrs   Self Portrait with Pattern
Lianne Jamieson, 13yrs   Self Portrait with Pattern
Rhona Polson, 14yrs   Glazed slab built vase
Katrena Anderson, 14yrs   Glazed slab built vase
Amber Paton, 11yrs   Ice cream cone
Davy Polson, 13yrs   Semi abstract still life
Secondary three group, 14yrs   Nativity painting - after Giotto
Lianne Jamieson, 14yrs   Noah\'s Ark
Caitlin Smith, 14yrs   Noah\'s Ark
Lianne Jamieson, 14yrs   Skating Minister - modern art mash-up
Phillip Leask, 16yrs   Harbour view
Primary six and seven group, 10 and 11yrs   Glazed forms
Jenny Simpson, 14yrs   Still life
Magnus Hutchison, 12yrs   Clay head and shoulders
Primary two class, 6yrs   Caryatids
Magnus Polson, 12yrs   Cyborg line drawing
Karis Leask , 11yrs   Glazed bowl
Rebecca Fraser , 12yrs   Puffer Fish
secondary two class , 12yrs   Pen drawing of class group
Sophie Williamson, 15yrs   Red still life painting
Sophie Williamson, 15yrs   Silk Painting
Rhona Polson, 14yrs   Daydream painting
secondary one group, 11yrs   McDiarmid / Harvey relief sculpture