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Plymouth High School For Girls

Plymouth / United Kingdom

Plymouth High School for Girls We are a small girls grammar school in central Plymouth.

Pupils' Art Works

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Carmen Kirkby, 18yrs   Untilted
Hannah Cooper, 18yrs   Untilted
Laura Selwood, 18yrs   Untilted
Manon Louis-Puttick, 18yrs   Untitled
Rosie Hellings, 18yrs   Untitled
Gayle Wilson, 18yrs   Untitled
Hannah Cooper, 18yrs   Untilted
Manon Louis-Puttick, 18yrs   Untilted
Rebecca Reddin, 18yrs   Untilted
Georgina Cornish, 17yrs   Extreme Emotions
Megan Walsh, 17yrs   Extreme Emotions
Morwenna Broughton, 17yrs   Extreme Emotions
Claire Paddison, 17yrs   Untitled
Elizabeth Collingwood, 17yrs   Untilted
Morwenna Broughton, 17yrs   Untilted
Elaine Sinclair, 17yrs   Kev
Elizabeth Collingwood, 17yrs   Poppy
Abigail Kings, 16yrs   Urban Space
Anastasia Baskerville-Hicks, 16yrs   Urban Space
Rebecca Bettinson, 16yrs   Urban Space
Emily Parker, 16yrs   Urban Space
Emily Tyers, 16yrs   Urban Space
Joanna Gregory, 16yrs   Urban Space
Katie Shimell, 16yrs   Urban Space
Lara Caglayan, 16yrs   Urban Space
Poppy Collingwood, 16yrs   Urban Space
Sasha Egonu, 16yrs   Urban Space
Tegan Louis-Puttick, 16yrs   Urban Space
Tegan Louis-Puttick, 16yrs   Urban Space
Elizabeth Collingwood, 17yrs   Extreme Emotions
Emily Parker, 16yrs   Untilted
Isabelle Harris, 16yrs   Untilted
Lara Caglayan, 16yrs   Untilted
Poppy Collingwood, 16yrs   Untilted
Sasha Egonu, 16yrs   Untilted
Tegan Louis-Puttick, 16yrs   Untilted
Jessica Gould, 15yrs   Natural Forms
Molly Powell, 15yrs   Natural Forms
Nicole Ferguson, 15yrs   Natural Forms
Jessica Kent-Woolsey, 15yrs   Natural Forms
Lauren Chapman, 14yrs   Injustice
Grace Haycocks, 14yrs   Injustice
Aimee Louis-Puttick, 14yrs   Injustice
Jennifer Milburn, 13yrs   Still Life
Grace Dobbie, 12yrs   The Great Outdoors