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Barbara Ingram School For The Arts

Hagerstown / United States

Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Barbara Ingram School for the Arts is a Washington County Public Schools academic and arts magnet high school located in downtown Hagerstown. Washington County Public Schools have partnered with the University System of Maryland, The Maryland Theatre, Washington County Free Library, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, The Maryland Symphony Orchestra, and Washington County Arts Council to provide this unique educational opportunity. The school provides students with a rigorous academic education and intensive preprofessional training in one of six arts areas: Creative Writing, Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Vocal Music. Admission to the school is determined by an audition process based on students' interest and potential in the arts.

Pupils' Art Works

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Alicia Niles, 17yrs   The Cold Dimension
N'kai Delauter, 15yrs   New Beginning
Emileigh Ebersole, 17yrs   The Bath
Emileigh Ebersole, 17yrs   Trash Kingdom
Emileigh Ebersole, 17yrs   Ruins
Madelyn Lane, 15yrs   Glam
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Underwater
molly knepper, 17yrs   jenna
molly knepper, 17yrs   parade
molly knepper, 17yrs   nature
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Hands
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Self Portrait
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Daisy I
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Daisy II
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Still Life After Mama Anderson
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Landscape
Aislinn Cohen, 17yrs   Triptych