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The King Edward Vi School

Morpeth / United Kingdom

The King Edward VI School The King Edward VI School is part of the 3 Rivers Trust. Our school is set in the picturesque town of Morpeth in the heart of Northumberland. We use the natural beauty of our surroundings to inspire our young artists. We have a thriving Fine Art, Art Graphics and Photography departments which consistently achieve outstanding results from both Ofsted inspections, GCSE and A-Level results. Many of our students go on to a successful HE course and career. several former Art students now work for Jaguar, National geographic, The BBC and many local and national design studios around Britain.

Pupils' Art Works

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Caitlin Tubby, 17yrs   Layers of Kate
Jonathan Rezai, 18yrs   Average Joe
Issy Howey, 16yrs   Free brief portrait
Issy Howey, 16yrs   NEWCASTLE
Alice Hoy, 16yrs   Free brief portrait
Megan Deakin, 16yrs   High level bridge Newcastle
Megan Deakin, 16yrs   Marylin
Megan Deakin, 16yrs   The Baltic
Flora Fitzpatrick, 16yrs   Wolf
Holly Lau, 16yrs   Captain America
Kate Hathaway, 16yrs   Dreams
Flora Fitzpatrick, 16yrs   vector landscape
Katie Dunn, 16yrs   Costa
Jess Maddison, 16yrs   Costa animals
Esther Hamilton-Duguid, 17yrs   Monochrome space
Nathaniel Pullan, 18yrs   Jaguar Project
Nathaniel Pullan, 18yrs   Vauxhall project
Amy Thomas, 18yrs   Colour in Emotions
Nathaniel Pullan, 18yrs   Vauxhall project
Nathaniel Pullan, 18yrs   Jaguar Project
Sarah Cuthbertson, 16yrs   Steam punk portrait
Laura Cadman, 17yrs   Self image
Jonathan Rezai, 18yrs   SAGE
Holly Lau, 16yrs   Serenity
Rachel Chambers, 16yrs   Imagine
Emma Boiston, 17yrs   Human Organic
Sarah Lewis, 17yrs   Translucent body
Hannah McMahon, 17yrs   Self portrait
Ben Welsh, 17yrs   Rise and fall
Jack Kelly, 17yrs   Fragmented building
Matthew Ciechanowicz, 18yrs   Multiscape