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Papplewick School

Ascot / United Kingdom

Papplewick School Boys Boarding Preparatory Aged 6 13

Pupils' Art Works

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Stuart MacKenzie, 11yrs   Green flowers
Ishantha Radkevitch, 11yrs   Tropical bird
Sam Foulds, 12yrs   My best friend
Matthew Spencer, 13yrs   London Skyline
Lucas Cohen , 12yrs   Under the sea..
Weiming Xu, 13yrs   Feather on stone
Sam Frost, 11yrs   Bluebell wood
Yoh Ishikawa, 11yrs   Daisy
Lucas Cohen , Y8yrs   Sprinter
Weiming Xu, 13yrs   American Football
Sam Foulds, 12yrs   Rugby
David Xu, 11yrs   Pink leaves
Ishantha Radkevitch, 11yrs   Winter Woodland
Benji Xu Page, 11yrs   Pink Flowers