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Woodside High School

London / United Kingdom

Woodside High School Woodside High School is a mixed 11-16 comprehensive school, serving a truly multi-cultural community, where every student is valued and treated as an individual. We set high standards and expectations and we encourage and support our students to achieve their very best. The school is situated in pleasant and spacious grounds and students benefit from a varied curriculum with access to a modern sports center.

Pupils' Art Works

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Akash Nundoo, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Maha Yahya, 15yrs   Self Potrait
Cameron Nimmo, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Calvin Newton-Case, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Vanusa Santos, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Sara Chowdhury, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Ivanina Stoynova, 15yrs   Self Potrait
Sara Chowdhury, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Natalia Lesiuk, 15yrs   Self Portrait