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Cobham Hall

Gravesend / United Kingdom

Cobham Hall Cobham Hall was founded in 1962 as an independent school for girls. Girls come to study at Cobham Hall from all over the world, attracted not only by the consistently good academic results, but by the very special ethos of our school. Our school community of around 200 students includes nearly 30 different nationalities. It is an IB World School and has been a member of Round Square for over 40 years. Both organisations share the belief that education should be exciting and challenging, designed to develop the self-confidence, initiative and leadership skills which are essential for success in life and career. Above all, the idea of responsibility and service to others is fostered.

Pupils' Art Works

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Anna Ivanova, 17yrs   Time Lapse
Anna Ivanova, 17yrs   Old Times
Polina Ivanova, 17yrs   Pray for Ukraine
Polina Ivanova, 17yrs   Screaming Identity
Anna Ivanova, 17yrs   Innocent Beauty
Zoe Hong-Yee McClure, 18yrs   Tung Chung Matrix
Zoe Hong-Yee McClure, 18yrs   Bicycle Wood Malawi Man
Leah Hinestrosa Avila, 18yrs   Me, You, Everybody
Leah Hinestrosa Avila, 18yrs   Innocence
Leah Hinestrosa Avila, 18yrs   A Contrast of Perfection
Leah Hinestrosa Avila, 18yrs   Stop Time
Leah Hinestrosa Avila, 18yrs   Him
Alexandra MacLachlan, 18yrs   Checkmate?
Alexandra MacLachlan, 18yrs   \'A Modern Vanitas with Cotán\'s Curve\'
Esmeralda Lau, 18yrs   The colourful trumpet
Esmeralda Lau, 18yrs   The Distorted  Box
Esmeralda Lau, 18yrs   Stationary
Antonia Pieroni, 18yrs   Ghost Box Chair
Antonia Pieroni, 18yrs   Let Me Out
Antonia Pieroni, 18yrs   No Mans Shroud
Antonia Pieroni, 18yrs   Rhapsody of Brass
Xiaoyuan Yan, 18yrs   Show Off
Xiaoyuan Yan, 18yrs   Life of a Communist
Dilara Sasmaz, 18yrs   Magnificent Century
Dilara Sasmaz, 18yrs   Constatinople
Alexandra MacLachlan, 18yrs   \'Withering and Deflation in Suspension\'
Dilara Sasmaz, 18yrs   Istanbul
Zoe Hong-Yee McClure, 18yrs   Car Clowns