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Linlithgow Academy

Linlithgow / United Kingdom

Linlithgow Academy Linlithgow Academy is committed to providing a secure, positive environment where challenge and diversity in learning and teaching enables everyone to achieve their potential and strive for excellence.
Our aims are rooted in fairness and opportunity for all.

We are a state School in the Central belt of Scotland with a role of approximately 1100 students.

The Art department has had an excellent record over the last few years with pupils achieving top grades and with many going on to study creative subjects at Art School and University.

Pupils' Art Works

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Fiona Tuckett, 15yrs   Untitled (War)
Cairistonia Cockburn, 16yrs   Cairis
Lewis Bell, 16yrs   Lewis
Cara Semple, 15yrs   Cara
Amy Dare, 15yrs   Amy
Orlagh Boyes, 16yrs   Orlagh
Erica Oxley, 16yrs   Erica
Savannah McCrum, 15yrs   Savannah
Karen McCallum, 15yrs   Karen
Emily Davis, 16yrs   Emily
Cara Coe, 15yrs   Cara
Libby Hichens, 16yrs   Libby
Calum Watson, 16yrs   Cityscape
Katie McGlynn, 15yrs   Katie
Katie Corrie, 17yrs   Katie
Kyle Dunlop, 17yrs   Kyle
Ewan McIntosh, 17yrs   Industrial Landscape
Becky Campbell, 17yrs   Becky
Becky Campbell, 17yrs   Self Portrait (Bacon inspired)
Megan Rough, 17yrs   Megan
Katie Corrie, 17yrs   Self Portrait (B&W)
Siena Acciaroli, 17yrs   Portrait with butterfly
Chloe Martin, 17yrs   Hands
Angharad Hopwood, 15yrs   Angharad
Cara Semple, 15yrs   Cara Selfie 2
Lewis Mackie Duncan, 16yrs   Abstract form
Megan Rough, 16yrs   Megan Self Portrait 2
Rhona MacRae, 15yrs   Rhona
Hannah Campbell, 16yrs   Self Portrait Hannah
Cameron Mason, 15yrs   Cameron
Eve Dalgety, 16yrs   Eve
Becky Campbell, 17yrs   Self Portrait 3
Ellen Kynoch , 16yrs   Still life Jar
Emily Davis, 16yrs   Emily
Erica Oxley, 16yrs   Frames
Cara Coe 2, 15yrs   Cara Self portrait
Ewan McIntosh, 17yrs   Industrial Landscape 2
Libby Hichens, 16yrs   Libby 2
Megan McNutt, 17yrs   Megan
Megan Rough , 17yrs   Megan Self Portrait 3
Ellen Kynoch, 16yrs   Ellen self portrait
Lewis Mackie Duncan, 16yrs   Lewis Self portraitq
Siena Acciaroli, 17yrs   Self Portrait