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Christian Fellowship School

Liverpool / United Kingdom

Christian Fellowship School All schools impart some kind of assumptions and interpretation of life. At Christian Fellowship School you will find us refreshingly open about the faith basis from which we work. We represent a healthy mix of churches but all identify closely with the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith.We are academically non selective and our vision focuses on the rounded development of the many unique young people we are privileged to work with.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ethan Harrisson, 10yrs   Self portrait
Jacob Sharples, 11yrs   Self portrait
David Obadan, 10, when he did it, now 11yrs   Self portrait
Katie Peel, 10 when she did it, now 11yrs   Self portrait
Simon Horak, 11yrs   Self portrait
Zachary Loyd, 10yrs   Self portrait
Nathan Paige Jones, 11yrs  
Jacob Sharples, 11yrs   Self portrait
Katie Peel, 10yrs   Self portrait
Daniel Canning, 10yrs   Self portrait
Daniel CAnning, 10yrs   Self portrait
Emma Lewis, 8yrs   Wildflowers
Eva Maropakis, 9yrs   Wildflowers
Yr 8 class , 12-13yrs yrs   We Are the World
Leah Ledson, 12yrs   Cubist drawing
Tammie Fynemalakalio, 12yrs   Cubist collage
Daniel Lawence, 12yrs   Charcoal cubist drawing
Abigail Sharples, 13yrs   Cubist style drawing
Joy Olabisi, 13yrs   Cubist style collage
Simon Horak, 12yrs   After Kandinsky
Collette Castellion, 14yrs   Morrocan model
Daniel Canning, 11yrs   After Kandinsky
Jacob Sharples, 12yrs   After Kandinsky
David Tonge, 17yrs   Blue Escalator
David Tonge, 17yrs   Solar escalator
David Tonge, 17yrs   Train entering Lime Street
David Tonge, 17yrs   6 trains
David Tonge, 17yrs   Slow train coming
Bethany Harrison, 16yrs   Believe , dream, create, succeed
David Tonge, 17yrs   Superlambananas
David Tonge, 17yrs   The Albert Dock
Bethany Harrison, 16yrs   Reflections
Joshua Elms, Jo Mallet, 10,11yrs   Volcano
Joshua Edmundson, Gareth Butcher, 10, 11yrs   Galaxy
Hannoch Paul, Cameron , 10,11yrs   Woodland
Chloe Gray, Hannah, 10,11yrs   Spring
Funmilayo Ayekoloye, Praise Olabisi, 10,11yrs   Sun
Nathan Paige Jones, 11yrs   After Kandinsky
Fumilayo Ayekaloye, 12yrs   Abstract collage
Chloe Gray, 11yrs   African collage
Chloe Gray, 11yrs   African still life
Esther Ilesanmi, 12yrs   Complementary man in hat
Ruby Lloyd, 9yrs   Wildflowers
Zak Edmonson, Dominic , 11, 10yrs   Snake
Siki Fyneman-Kalio,Amy Johnson, Zoe Lewis, 10, 11, 10yrs   Turtle
Dare Ilesanmi, Zachery Gray, Jacob Beesley, 10, 11, 10yrs   Shark
Kayode Akinsanmi, Elias Sopwith, 11,10yrs   Cobra
David Tonge, 17yrs   Lambananas
Group work from mixed year 4+5, 7-9yrs   Indian elephant