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Victorian College Of The Arts Secondary School

Southbank / Australia

Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School provides a nationally and internationally recognised specialist program for the training of talented young dancers, musicians and visual artists (year 11 and 12). Integral to this program is the provision of a high quality academic education that is also offered to other elite training organisations. Within our school community, students will be encouraged to develop a passion for learning and a sense of respect for themselves and others. The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School is a highly professional school that has high expectations of staff and students.

There are 220 fully funded dance and music positions from year 7-12. The visual arts program has 35 in year 11 and 12 and an inaugral Theatre Arts program with year 11 students commencing in year 2016. These are local positions and any international students are above this and are required to meet our talent based entry criteria. The numbers in other programs is determined by those trainers. We thank the Victorian Government - through the Department of Education and Training for providing this training opportunity to the young people who come to us for this unique opportuinity.

Pupils' Art Works

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Sophie Wright, 17 yrs   Portrait of Damon Albarn
Praise Jeong, 17yrs   Untitled
Georgie Halliwell, 17yrs   Untitled
April Roe, 17yrs   aHa
Tessa Christie, 17yrs   Untitled
Ella Weston, 17yrs   Do not imagine me
Astro Spiller, 17yrs   Success
Astro Spiller, 17yrs   Mom
Ruby Sinclair, 17yrs   Sam
Sally Ryan, 17yrs   Brittany