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New Hall School

Chelmsford / United Kingdom

New Hall School New Hall School is a leading Catholic independent boarding & day school for boys and girls aged 3-18. Founded in 1642, the school is the oldest Catholic school in England that has always taken girls. Moreover, the school is ranked in the top 2% of listed heritage buildings in the UK. Famous Art and Design alumni include the Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington and the fashion designer Anya Hindmarch.
The Art department provides exemplar work for one of the main examination boards and the school's North Gallery regularly displays student work to a wider audience.

Pupils' Art Works

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Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Mute\'
Amy Finch, 17yrs   \'Folds\'
Emily Pilling, 15yrs   \'Chateau\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   \'Hand\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   Portrait
Emily Pilling, 15yrs   \'Beach Huts\'
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   \'Grandfather\'
Izabela Pagano, 18yrs   \'Oranges\'
Alesia Berahavaya , 18yrs   \'Portrait\'
Danielle Rothmann, 16yrs   \'Teapots\'
Emily Church, 16yrs   \'Rotten Apple\'
Cherie Knight, 18yrs   \'Masked\'
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   \'Grandfather\'
Alexander Sammons, 17yrs   \'Urban views\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   \'Still Life\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   \'Colourful objects\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   \'Figure Studies\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   \'Grisaille\'
Amy-Beth Ellice, 17yrs   \'Still Life\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Folds (after Durer)\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Circus\'
Madison Jordan, 17yrs   \'Ribcage\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   Bali
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Golden Dress\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Garment Designs\'
Lucy Chapman, 18yrs   \'Teacher Reports\'
Georgiana Ridley, 12yrs   \'New Hall School\'
Sam Gasper, 18yrs   \'Father\'
Justin Law, 16yrs   \'I, Me, Mine\'
Emily Pilling, 14yrs   \'Sunflowers\'
Joyce Gao, 16yrs   \'Architecture\'
Danielle Rothmann, 16yrs   \'Cracks\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'The Mood\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Birth\'
Elena Holt, 16yrs   \'Remembrance Dress\'
Madison Jordan, 17yrs   \'Pinch\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Study of Hand\'
Madison Jordan, 17 yrs   \'Pinch\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Birth\'
Tiffany Wong, 15yrs   \'Cake\'
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   \'Grandfather\'
Charlotte Kingston, 16yrs   \'Storm\'
Jessica Breeze, 17yrs   \'Addictions\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Portrait\'
Joyce Gao, 16yrs   \'Building\'
Alex Sammons, 17yrs   \'London\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Portrait of Father\'
Leanne Bailham, 17yrs   \'Head\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Puppeteer\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Portrait - Eyes\'
Ellen Lewis, 16yrs   \'Butterfly\'
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   \'Touch\'
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   \'Study of Tree Bark\'
Izabela Pagano, 18yrs   \'Lemon\'
Izabela Pagano, 18yrs   \'Fruit\'
Rachel Lam, 17yrs   \'Architectural Viewpoints\'
Ella Yue Jiang, 17yrs   \'Head\'
Alexander Sammons, 17yrs   \'City\'
Lucy Chapman, 18yrs   \'Pavement\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 18yrs   \'Tension\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 18yrs   \'Tension\'
Ella Yue Jiang, 17yrs   \'Profile\'
Alexandra Burnham, 17yrs   \'Fruit still-life\'
Alexandra Burnham, 17yrs   \'Fruit Arrangement\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   \'Self-portrait\'
Alexander Sammons, 18yrs   \'Landscape\'
Jessica Breeze, 18yrs   \'Decay\'
Amy Finch, 17yrs   \'Dream Portrait\'
Alexandra Burnham, 17yrs   \'Fruit\'
Joyce Gao, 17yrs   \'Contour Hand\'
Sherry Tian, 17yrs   \'School Quad\'
Alexander Sammons , 18yrs   \'Landscape\'
Emily Church, 16yrs   \'Relics\'
Toby Holland, 14yrs   \'Gesture\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Dance\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Birth\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Birth\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Birth\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Hands\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Close Ups\'
Emily Church, 16yrs   \'Industrial Relic\'
Emily Church, 16yrs   \'Industrial Relics\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Mother & Child\'
Georgina Mead, 15yrs   \'Chiaroscuro\'
Emily Church, 16yrs   \'Relics\'
Janece Wong, 15yrs   \'Chinese Gown\'
Leanne Bailham, 17yrs   \'Film Still\'
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   \'Southwold Series\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Paper Dress\'
Emily Church, 16yrs   \'Relics\'
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   \'Southwold\'
Amy-Beth Ellice, 17yrs   \'Afternoon Tea\'
Francesca Bazley, 18yrs   \'Hand studies\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Portrait study\'
Cherie Knight, 18yrs   \'Winter portrait\'
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   \'Excavation Series\'
Dominic Morris, 18yrs   \'Metamorphic Study\'
Amy-Beth Ellice, 17yrs   \'Afternoon Tea\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Dance\'
Lucy Chapman, 18yrs   \'School report\'
Lucy Chaoman, 18yrs   \'School report\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Paper Dress\'
Lucy Chapman, 18yrs   \'Seventies School Reports\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Bikes\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Bikes\'
Bella Peng, 16yrs   \'Underground\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Bikes\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Bikes\'
Bella Peng, 16yrs   \'Underground\'
Lauren Heley, 18yrs   \'Southwold\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Portrait of Woman\'
Emily Church, 16yrs   \'Automatic Drawing
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Summer portrait\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 18yrs   \'Bali Tapestry\'
Toby Holland, 14yrs   \'Courage in Conflict\'
Madison Jordan, 17yrs   \'Decaying Skull\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Tear\'
Melissa Greaves, 18yrs   \'Portrait\'
Alesia Berahavaya, 18yrs   \'Portrait - The Mood\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Library\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Bali Structure\'
Hannah Tomlinson-Roe, 17yrs   \'Bali Montage\'
Amy Finch, 17yrs   \'Alexandra\'
Cassy Tan, 16yrs   \'Dormitory\'
Gianni Fennings, 16yrs   \'Burning Figure\'
Bryony Harding, 16yrs   \'Woodland Portrait\'
Rebecca Meer, 15yrs   \'Camouflage\'
Eve Smart, 15yrs   \'Tears\'
Georgina Mead, 15yrs   \'Colour Moods\'
Rebecca Meer, 15yrs   \'Camouflage II\'
Gianni Fennings, 16yrs   \'Waiting\'
Madison Jordan, 18yrs   \'Submerge\'
Danielle Rothmann, 17yrs   \'Identity\'
Eve Smart, 15yrs   \'Tears\'
Wendy Li, 15yrs   \'Still Life\'
Olivia Scott, 15yrs   \'Jaguar\'
Sherry Tian, 17yrs   \'City View\'
Natalie Chan, 16yrs   \'Spirit\'
Claudia Cross, 14yrs   \'Scallop Dress\'
Alex Sammons, 18yrs   \'American Landscape\'
Wendy Li, 16yrs   \'Skeletal figure\'
Emily Pilling, 15yrs   \'Visitation\'