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Loughborough Grammar School

Loughborough / United Kingdom

Loughborough Grammar School An independent 10-18 boys' grammar school where Art is taught as a compulsory subject in Year 6-8 and is optional in Year 9-13.

Pupils' Art Works

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Thomas Pleece, 18yrs   Street scene
Sam Smith, 18yrs   Glass
Sunay Chauhan, 17yrs   Kalaidescope
Oliver Wright, 15yrs   Rust
Ben Archer, 17yrs   Under the sea portrait
Ben Archer, 17yrs   Mechanical
Billy Stockwell, 16yrs   Leaves
George Burnett, 16yrs   Portrait
George Burnett, 16yrs   Landscape
Guy Hagon, 16yrs   Statue
Daniel Lewis, 17yrs   Architecture
Izaak Cairns, 17yrs   Hands
Max Doory, 17yrs   School building
Michael Kurtz, 17yrs   Doorways
Michael Kurtz, 17yrs   Icon
Ben Archer, 17yrs   Taxidermy
Billy Stockwell, 16yrs   Digital transcription
Tom Bowden, 16yrs   Corbyn
Piers Blyth, 16yrs   New and old
Guy Ackerley, 16yrs   Graffiti landscape
Oliver Wright, 15yrs   Sailing
Lawrence Ong, 15yrs   Portrait
Izaak Cairns, 18yrs   Hands in medicine
Daniel Lewis, 17yrs   Red wine
Guy Hagon, 16yrs   Dad
Matthew Cheung, 14yrs   Cakes
Max Ng, 14`yrs   Cakes