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Wycombe Abbey School

High Wycombe / United Kingdom

Wycombe Abbey School Independent boarding school for girls (11-18).

Pupils' Art Works

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Laura Cameron, 17yrs   Portraiture
Gabrielle - Aimee Seguin, 18yrs   Circus
Gabrielle - Aimee Seguin, 18yrs   Distorted Figures
Ambrosia Hicks, 17yrs   Portraiture
Jasmine Nicholson, 17yrs   Handling Objects
Emma Gibbs, 16yrs   Landscape
Rachel (Pei Yen) Yeoh, 17yrs   Animals, Birds and Flowers
Winnie Yap, 17yrs   Connected Forms and Images
Ruby Dent, 17yrs   Edges
Cecilia Bell, 16yrs   Texture
Honor Murison, 16yrs   Still Life