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Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

London / United Kingdom

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School is a state Catholic school in Holland Park, London. The pupils are inspired by the vibrant city and diverse culture of London. The Art Department is a buzzing hub of creativity where pupils are encouraged to be courageous, imaginative and confident in their artistic endeavours.

Pupils' Art Works

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F Bignall, 15yrs   My Dual Identity
Louis O'Shea, 15yrs   Memories
Nathan Hargreaves, 15yrs   Rowing on the Thames
Josef Van Den Bergh, 15yrs   Me and My friends
Mia Whelan, 15yrs   My Mechanical Mind
Mia Whelan, 15yrs   My Stubborn Sister 1
Mia Whelan, 15yrs   My Stubborn Sister 2
Mia Whelan, 15yrs   My Stubborn Sister 3
Mia Whelan, 15yrs   Machinery Photographs
Alexandra Howes, 16yrs