30th anniversary
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School Visits

Misbourne School

Great Missenden / United Kingdom

Misbourne School Mixed Upper School

Pupils' Art Works

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Anna Postlewait, 18yrs   Circumstance
Zoe Li, 18yrs  
Charlotte Bull-Domican, 18yrs   Don\'t give me that!
Lucy Brooker, 18yrs   Butterflies!
Lucy Brooker, 18yrs   Eternity?
Scarlett Valentine Bird, 18yrs   Heaven
Fatema Javid, 18yrs   Evolution
Jessica Langley, 18yrs   Future
Olivia Burrows, 18yrs   Olivia
D'Arcy Darilmaz, 18yrs   Day Dreamer
Hayley Pither, 16yrs   Running
Evelyn Roberts, 17yrs   Crushed
Lauren Hallas, 18yrs   Split
Alice Jones, 17yrs   Mirrored Face
Hannah Roberts, 17yrs   Pink London
Charlotte Hollick, 17yrs   Trapped
William Taylor, 16yrs   Free as a bird
Luke Andrews, 15yrs   Dark City
Megan Philips, 18yrs   Day dreaming
Lauren Fenney, 18yrs   Disease free
Shauna Rayner, 18yrs   Who are you?
Ella Robertson, 18yrs   Remember
Ella Robertson, 18yrs   Prisoner of what?
Ella Robertson, 18yrs   Fashion of foe?
Georgia Bird, 17yrs   Abstract
Melissa Perrin, 18yrs   Unveiled
Jacob Bates, 17yrs   Dodge the bullets
Georgina Kemsley, 16yrs   Remember Me
Lydia Pavlopoulos, 16yrs   Spell it out
Alice Jones, 17yrs   Light as air
Alice Jones, 17yrs   I dreamed a dream
Jake Powell, 16yrs   Inside my thoughts
Jake Powell, 16yrs   The place that time forgot