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Bablake School

Coventry / United Kingdom

Bablake School At Bablake, an independent co-educational day school for 11- 18 year olds, we are passionate about young people and their boundless potential to lead exciting and generous lives.Within the Bablake School Art Department we encourage pupils to think inventively, in order to develop visual images and form critical judgements. The department aims to focus upon the individual, encouraging each pupil to gain confidence in their abilities and learn that there are many approaches to Art and Design rather than one right way. We encourage a broad approach to developing an appreciation and understanding of contemporary and historical artistic achievements across a range of cultures and contexts. The results of this approach can be seen around the school in the vibrancy and variety of outcomes.

Pupils' Art Works

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Kirtsy Cattell, 16yrs   Disguise.
Jess Betts, 17yrs   Circles
Hannah Corden, 16yrs   Viewpoints
Rachel Hepworth, 17yrs  
Seth Hillyer, 17yrs  
Betty Bo, 17yrs   Cogs
Oindrila Mukherjee, L6th - Year 12yrs   Alice
Mariona Foguet-Gonzalez, 17yrs  
Mariona Foguet-Gonzalez, 17yrs  
Charlotte Loasby, 18yrs   Self Portrait
Cara Mattu, 16yrs  
Hannah Corden, 16yrs   Barcelona
Kate Edmiston, 16yrs  
Mariona Foguet-Gonzalez, 16yrs