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Kingsbridge Community College

Plymouth / United Kingdom

Kingsbridge Community College Kingsbridge Community College is a co-educational secondary school and sixth form with academy status, located in Kingsbridge in Devon, England.
Students are encouraged to work in a range of media and make their own creative decisions.
Outcomes range from film-based installations about wind to sculptures made from cable ties. Key Stage 3 students take part in cross-curricular Art projects, while Key Stage 4 make sculptures, prints and paintings. All are encouraged to see Art outside the classroom, in the South and beyond.

Pupils' Art Works

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Millie Wonnacott, 17yrs   Chameleon
Annette Warner, 17yrs   Squishy Face
Beth Dickens, 18yrs   Elephant
Sophie Thorpe, 18yrs   Underwater
Jerry Hitchens, 15yrs   Portrait
Alex Gover-Mason, 15yrs   Reflection
Shane Freeman, 16yrs   Eye
Jimmy Soyer, 16yrs   Other World
Emilie Ross, 16yrs   Trees
Emily Soole, 17yrs   City with Umbrellas
Celestine Stilwell, 14yrs   Machine Brain
Sam Burgess, 16yrs   Friendly Robot
Jack Seear, 15yrs   Skateboarder
Alex Gover-Mason, 15yrs   Smoke
Alex Gover-Mason, 15yrs   Woman
Annette Warner, 18yrs   Inky Face
Jemima Richardson, 17yrs   Polar Bear
Millie Wonnacott, 17yrs   Eagle Woman
Alicia Masters, 18yrs   Battle
Alicia Masters, 18yrs   Creatures
Melzie Flew, 18yrs   Pecan
Charlotte Foster, 16yrs   Prize Predator
Kieran Percival, 15yrs   Abstract sculpture
Olivia Rew, 17yrs   Captured
Emily Sanderson, 15yrs   I Know It Well
Bridget Tucker, 15yrs   Gabo Flower
Emily Lawrence, 15yrs   Hepworth Wave
Meg Niblett, 15yrs   Hepworth Wing
Ella Martin, 15yrs   Octopus Jellyfish
Beth Johnson, 14yrs   Wall and Flowers
Chloe Inch, 14yrs   Frost Flowers
Erin Murgatroyd, 14yrs   Machine Bottles
Elodie Grenen, 14yrs   City Flowers
George Towne, 17yrs   Head
Ashton Born, 17yrs   Sunset
Edward Richardson, 18yrs   Natural Form
Ella Porter-Brentford, 17yrs   Leaf Close-Up
Ella Porter-Brentford, 17yrs   Portrait
Emily Baker, 17yrs   Triple Portrait
Emily Baker, 17yrs   Overlay Portrait
Emily Seear, 17yrs   Tea Alice?
Emily Seear, 17yrs   Down The Rabbit Hole
Edward Richardson, 18yrs   Natural Form 2
Edward Richardson, 18yrs   Natural Form 3
George Towne, 17yrs   Head 2
Tom Wotton, 17yrs   Shark
Jess Thomas, 18yrs   Head Above Water
Jess Thomas, 18yrs   Backwards and Forwards
Mily Barnett, 17yrs   Bathe
Mily Barnett, 17yrs   Portrait
Olivia Schenk, 17yrs   Portrait
Thomas Reeve, 17yrs   Figure in Light
Thomas Reeve, 17yrs   Figure
Thomas Reeve, 17yrs   Portrait
Thomas Reeve, 17yrs   Seated Figure
Zoe Allen, 15yrs   Abstract Sculpture
Tyler Blackborough, 15yrs   Abstract Sculpture
Leonie Inscoe, 15yrs   Abstract Sculpture
Libby Rodwell-Lynn, 12yrs   Self-Portrait
Zara Griffin, 13yrs   Self-portrait
Alex Baker, Year 8yrs   Self-Portrait
Vincent Rowe, 12yrs   Self-Portrait
Tom Durrant, 12yrs   Self-Portrait
Olivia Rew, 17yrs   Miniature Landscape
Olivia Rew, 17yrs   Miniature Landscape 2
Emma Flintham, 15yrs   Tentacle
Harrison Ward, 16yrs   Launch
Ellie Wibberley, 17yrs   Decay study
HelĂ©na DorĂ©, 16yrs   Succulent
HelĂ©na DorĂ©, 16yrs   Fox
Alex Gover-Mason, 15yrs   Obscured
Polly Rathbone, 17yrs   Cells
Olivia Rew, 17yrs   Layered Landscape
Joe Tucker, 17yrs   Portrait 1
Joe Tucker, 17yrs   Portrait 2
Millie Wonnacott, 17yrs   Girl and Horse
Shane Freeman, 16yrs   Eagle
Sophie Thorpe, 17yrs   Seed pods
Imogen Harwood, 13yrs   Robot Wasp
Sophie Thorpe, 17yrs   Barnacles
Sophie Thorpe, 17yrs   Barnacles 2
Jemima Richardson, 16yrs   Split
Olivia White, 16yrs   Woman
Anna Valentine, 16yrs   Boy
Naomi Heygate, 13yrs   Sculpture after Epstein
Ottilie Whelan, 13yrs   Finger Telephone
Molly Gentry, 13yrs   Machine Hand
Katy Taylor-Cummings, 13yrs   Faces
Harriet Walker, 16yrs   Ndebele
Phoebe Phillips, 15yrs   Pineapple
James Soyer, 16yrs   Fighting Bear