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Formby High School

Liverpool / United Kingdom

Formby High School Formby High School is a mixed sex 11-18 secondary school and sixth form centre, located in Formby, north of Liverpool.
There are approximately 1150 students on roll, and Art is a very popular subject at all levels, with some stunning work produced by our talented students.
Art Blog:

Pupils' Art Works

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Gabrielle Norman, 17yrs   \'Cathedral Interior\'
Gabrielle Norman , 17yrs   \'Cathedral (after Denis Creffield)\'
Gabrielle Norman , 17yrs   \'Cathedral Window\'
Gabrielle Norman , 17yrs   \'Deconstructed Cathedral\'
Kirsten Davis, 17yrs   \'Caught in between\'
Kirsten Davis, 17yrs   \'Visions of the future\'
Kirsten Davis, 17yrs   \'Complexity\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Patterns of time\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Wisdom\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Portrait of my Dad\'
Kirsten Davis, 17yrs   \'Movement of the mind\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Liverpool\'
Jennifer Gavan, 17yrs   \'Through the window\'
Kirsten Davis, 17yrs   \'The life of a puddle\'
Ryan Brookfield, 18yrs   \'Stormy Sea\'
Ryan Brookfield , 18yrs   \'Formby Seascape\'
Megan Whalen , 18yrs   \'Sunset over Formby\'
Megan Whalen , 18yrs   \'Formby landscapes\'
Jasmine Rimmer, 18yrs   \'Formby beach\'
Emily Pugh , 16yrs   \'Formby Pinewoods\'
Emily Pugh , 16yrs   \'Mind over matter\'
Jennifer Gavan , 17 yrs   \'Liverpool culture\'
Chloe Rimmer, 10yrs   \'Pen portrait\'
Gabrielle Norman , 17 yrs   \'Bottle\'
Gabrielle Norman , 17 yrs   \'Table top\'
Gabrielle Norman , 17 yrs   \'Le Figaro\'
Jennifer Gavan , 17yrs   \'Liverpool Lime Street Station\'
Jennifer Gavan , 17yrs   \'Shopping\'
Jennifer Gavan , 17 yrs   \'Cafe\'
Kirsten Davis, 17yrs   \'Journey of line\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Liverpool street\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Liverpool Docks\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Alone\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Liverpoool warehouse\'
Will O'Donnell, 17yrs   \'Industrial decline\'