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Farmington Woods Elementary Magnet School

Cary / United States

Farmington Woods Elementary Magnet School
Students at Farmington Woods develop important 21st century skills through learning experiences that enhance the development of their creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills. The IB Framework encompasses transdisciplinary As The first International Baccalaureate/Primary Years Programme in North Carolina, Farmington Woods Magnet Elementary connects students to the North Carolina Standard Course of IBO Logo Study through a focus on the development of international mindedness and building student inquiry while preparing students to be leaders and life-long learners. Teachers collaborate to build learning experiences which foster cultural understanding and global connections to curriculum content and students have opportunities to learn Spanish and/or Mandarin language. Further, students learn through the IB program the importance of taking action to make a difference for someone else locally or globally.

Pupils' Art Works

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Kennedy James, 10yrs   The Taj Mahal
Aaratrik Springer, 10yrs   One Day I will travel
2nd grade Students, 8yrs   Monet inspired Landscapes
Morgan Gaines, 10yrs   The Eiffel Tower
Lillian Aurelius, 5yrs   Flying Snake Fish
Meggie Wilson, 9yrs   Shimmering Still-life
Sean Ngyugen, 10yrs   Birch tree forest
Kaylee Bohinc, 9yrs   Two ideas and one imagination
Charlotte neel, 6yrs   Wings of imagination
5th grade Art Club Group, 10-11yrs   Ceiling tile group project