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Moreton Scool

Wolverhampton / United Kingdom

Moreton Scool Moreton School is a mixed 11-18 comprehensive of 700+ pupils, one mile north east of Wolverhampton town centre. The school shares a large campus with the local Infant and Junior schools. Moreton strives to provide the pupil's with the best opportunities possible, to push pupils to reach their potentials and beyond.

Pupils' Art Works

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Beth Secker, 15yrs   Leah
Megan Hill, 15yrs   Dissolve
De-Avenyon Hammett, 15yrs   A Beautiful Vision
Charlotte Bradley, 15yrs  
Brogan Bourne , 15yrs   Beth
Leah Roberts, 15yrs   Beyond
Paige Green, 15yrs   Daina
Charlotte Bradley , 15yrs   The Mind
Leah Roberts, 15yrs   Derelict
Megan Hill, 15yrs   Behind the Mask
Megan Barratt, 15yrs   Beholder
Elle Leighton, 15yrs   Nephew
Charlotte Bradley, 15yrs   Escape
Chelsie Taylor, 17yrs  
Chelsie Taylor, 17yrs  
Kieran Anderson , 15yrs   The Bleeding
Charlotte Bradley, 15yrs   From beyond.
Daina Daukste, 16yrs   Beauty of Mind
Daina Daukste, 16yrs   Exploration of Mind
Elle Leighton, 15yrs   Free of mind
Megan Hill, 15yrs  
Charlotte Bradley, 15yrs   Distant.
Samantha Aston , 17yrs   Unititled
Samantha Aston , 17yrs   Unititled