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Hendon School

London / United Kingdom

Hendon School Hendon School is a larger-than-average-sized school, with languages specialist
status. A well-above-average proportion of students are known to be eligible for free
school meals. The proportion of students whose first language is not English is well
above average, as is the proportion of students from minority ethnic heritages. The
proportion of students who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is
average overall, with a well-above-average proportion having statements of special
educational needs, mostly for hearing impairment. The school has a range of
accreditations, including International School Status and Artsmark Gold award. The
school has recently been selected as one of a small number of Arts Award Good
Practice Centres across the country. The school has a hearing impaired unit with
space for 20 students and in September 2008 opened the local authority’s first
resourced provision to support students with Autism Spectrum Conditions in a
mainstream secondary school. A new sixth-form centre opened in September 2011
and the school recently converted to academy status.

Pupils' Art Works

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Nikolas Balla, 16yrs   catgirl
Nikolas Balla, 16yrs   waterballoon
Louiza Krokatsis, 18yrs   art student hair
Petrit Krasniqi, 16yrs   Spider vs Snake
Laurenta Lata-Emsha, 16yrs   Sleep Paralysis
Isobel Thomas, 16yrs   Fear of Wasp
Mia Sweeney, 16yrs   Clown eye
Yasmin Bouderouaya, 16yrs   Clown Phobia
Mia Salem, 16yrs   Break the Chain
Merua Al-Saidy, 16yrs   Eye in the Sky
Sofia Vujanic, 16yrs   Fear of Death
Sima Esmaili, 16yrs   Fear of Water
Sofija Vujanic, 16yrs   Digital Self-portrait
Nousheen E- Khoda, 16yrs   digital self-portrait
Petrit Krasniqi, 16yrs   Digital Self-portrait
Isobel Thomas, 16yrs   Dgital Self-portrait
Max Reidy, 16yrs   Digital Self-portrait
Sima Esmaili, 16yrs   Surrealist landscape
Isobel Thomas, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Merua Al-Saidy, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Laurenta Lata-Emsha, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Max Reidy, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Melisa Cimen, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Mia Sweeney, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Mia Salem, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Petrit Krasniqi, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Renee Edghill, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Sofija Vujanic, 16yrs   Surrealist painting
Yasmin Bouderouaya, 16yrs   Surrelist painting