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Bishop Douglass School

London / United Kingdom

Bishop Douglass School We are a thriving secondary school in East Finchley, determined to achieve the best for the students in our charge. We have high expectations of achievement for all. As a Catholic community, we strive to uphold strong spiritual and moral values, both in and outside the classroom. Our philosophy is inclusive; we stretch our most able and support those with special and additional needs. We want to ensure that all have the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential.

Pupils' Art Works

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Viviana Ferreira-Santos, 18yrs   Canary Wharf
Weronika Bargiel, 16yrs   Shocked
Angeline Castro, 15yrs   Jewel in my Eye Part 1
Angeline Castro, 15yrs   Jewel in my Eye Part 2
April Abad, 15yrs   May the Odds be in your Favour
Weronika Bargiel, 16yrs   I didn\'t mean to make you cry.
Rika Murahira, 15yrs   Faceless
Rika Murahira, 15yrs   Drowning
Tomasz Dusanek, 15yrs   Liberté