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The Business Academy Bexley

Kent / United Kingdom

The Business Academy Bexley Secondary School
South East London

Pupils' Art Works

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Gabrielle Andalo, 15yrs   Torn  2015
Habibe Bak , 16yrs   Then & Now  2015
Khadijah Biu, 15yrs   Perfection 2015
Holly Noble, 16yrs   Favourite Things 2015
Abigail Myles, 17yrs   Inner Self 2015
Shannon Pugh, 16yrs   Ghost 2015
Rene Haase, 15yrs   Dead End  2015
Keith Wan, 15yrs   Urban Tsunami 2015
Samuel Mulas, 16yrs   Memories  2015
Mohammed Koroma, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Gabrielle Andalo, 15yrs   Pleasure 2015
Keith Wan, 15yrs   Virtual Hero   2015
Harry Blackman, 15yrs   Thamesmead \'The Cage\'  2015
Ruby-Ann Gillies, 15yrs   Blue Nature  2015
Jake Paice, 15yrs   Submerged  2015