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Red Bank Regional High School

Little Silver / United States

Red Bank Regional High School Our school is a suburban ethnically diverse High School from grades 9-12 located in the coastal part of New Jersey (Monmouth County). Our school is based on small learning communities and 4 year academies; we also have an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

Pupils' Art Works

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Chris Marklein, 18yrs   textured sky
Olivia Schoenig, 17yrs   Ryan
Kyle Wainwright, 17yrs   Mr. William\'s Son
Abigail Lashovitz, 18yrs   Creek
Kyla Robinson, 17yrs   Reaching unknown
Nicole Povey, 17yrs   Radiance
Chloe Hourigan, 17yrs   Open happiness
Whitney Dee, 18yrs   Embrace
Natalie Russell, 17yrs   Bella