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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

Blackburn / United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth\'s Grammar School Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School is a Free School which discovers and develops the potential of pupils from all abilities and backgrounds through a programme of academic challenge, leadership development and wider curricular life, within a culture of high aspiration, mutual respect and consistent expectations of behaviour, enabling them to become active learners and committed members of the community.
At Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, one of the oldest grammar schools in Lancashire, we believe passionately that every child has the right to access excellence, and ensure that the pupils in our care, across the range of abilities, achieve the highest academic standards.

Pupils' Art Works

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Harry Martin, 17yrs   Numbers on skin
Emma Trevor, 17yrs  
Emma Trevor, 17yrs  
Emma Trevor, 17yrs  
Emma Trevor, 17yrs  
Harry Martin, 17yrs  
Harry Martin, 17yrs  
Joshua Benjamin Broadhurst, 17yrs   The Father
Joshua Benjamin Broadhurst, 17yrs   The Mother
Joshua Benjamin Broadhurst, 17yrs   Boy with Attitude
Joshua Benjamin Broadhurst, 17yrs   Lost Boy