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Douglas Anderson School Of The Arts

Jacksonville, Florida / United States

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (commonly known as "DA" or "DASOTA") is a magnet high school in the San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. The school opened in the 1922 as a primary school specifically for African American students. The school is named after local civil rights activist, Douglas Anderson. In 1985, the school was renovated into a magnet high school specializing in performing, visual and language arts. Over the years, the school has accomplished many achievements including becoming a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and receiving numerous awards from the United States Department of Education, International Network of Schools for the Advancement of Arts Education and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Pupils' Art Works

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Gabe Wise, 17yrs   Two Portraits of You or Me
Gabe Wise, 17yrs   Noble Deterioration
Gabe Wise, 17yrs   Blythe Deterioration
Gabe Wise, 17yrs   Carson Deterioration
Gabe Wise, 17yrs   Elan Deterioration