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Samuel Ward Academy

Haverhill, / United Kingdom

Samuel Ward Academy 11 to 18 mixed Academy

Pupils' Art Works

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M Wickington, 16yrs   Self Portrait
M Wickington, 16yrs   Portrait of friend
B Veasey, 17yrs   Self Portrait
M Pavey, 14yrs   Portrait of my sister
N Mitchell, 17yrs   Portrait Mr Williams
E Hickey, 17yrs   Abstract
B Veasey, 17yrs   Comfortable?
M Wickington, 17yrs   Me Screaming
M Telfer, 17yrs   Impulsive
D French, 17yrs   Cerebral
M Bott, 16yrs   Free not to think
M Bott, 16yrs   metamorphosis
L. Hammond, 13yrs   reflecting on pool water
Riley-may Fletcher, 15yrs   Trapped in grief