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Truro High School For Girls

Truro / United Kingdom

Truro High School for Girls Truro High School for Girls is an independent day and boarding school.

Pupils' Art Works

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Mary Lau, 16yrs   Acrylic Ink explosion
Mary Lau, 16yrs   ink experiment in green
Rebe Winn, 16yrs   Disintegration
Rosalind , 15yrs   Life Drawing
Anna, 16yrs   Vanitas
Alice, 18yrs   Tension
Paulina, 15yrs   Pop Art Mask
Year 10 and Year 7 , 12-15yrs   Set for The Importance of Being Earnest
Izzy Mayes, 14yrs  
Orlagh, 12yrs   The Magic Faraway Tree
Bennath, 15yrs   Peacock
Yoyo Barnsley, 16yrs   Elements