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Ilford County High School

Barkingside / United States

Ilford County High School Ilford County High School is a high achieving, specialist grammar school for boys.

Pupils' Art Works

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Yamin Khan, 17yrs   Kill Me to Die
Jagdeep Jutley, 17yrs   Individual Expression
Jagdeep Jutley, 17 yrs   Animal Instinct
Akash Jeyaantony, 17yrs   Dream 1
Akash Jeyaantony, 17yrs   Dream 2
Akash Jeyaantony, 17yrs   Dream 3
Kabilan Arivanandan, 17yrs   Suture 1
Kabilan Arivanandan, 17yrs   Suture 2
Kabilan Arivanandan, 17yrs   After Hours
Kabilan Arivanandan, 17yrs   Going to the Show
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   The Sadness Demon
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   Crucify Your Love
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   Free My Mind
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   Why Can\'t I be Free?
Kabilan Arivandandan, 17yrs   Staircase Mystery
Jagdeep Jutley, 17yrs   St Paul\'s Cathedral
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   Bury Me
Kabilan Arivandandan, 17yrs  
Kabilan Arivandandan, 17yrs  
Kabilan Arivandandan, 17yrs  
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   \'Forever\'
Yamin Khan, 17yrs  
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   Saviour
Yamin Khan, 17yrs   Exorcise Me
Jagdeep Jutley, 17yrs