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Simon Langton Boys School

Canterbury / United Kingdom

Simon Langton Boys School Simon Langton Boys School, Canterbury, Kent.

Pupils' Art Works

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Jimmy Howe, age 17yrs   water tower
Luca Guarino, age 16yrs   abstract
Christian Leggett, age 16yrs   abstract drawing
Raffy Cavalier, age18yrs   fish
Alex Mackinnon, age 18yrs   jars
Will Rule, age 17yrsyrs   goat
Mithuna Sribala, age 18yrsyrs   building
Liam Pack, age 17yrs   portrait
Ben Lowdell, age 17 yrs   portrait
Chris Claudet, 18yrs   Self portrait with shaving foam
Hannah Averbeck, 17yrs   Pepe jeans
Fred Ingolby, 16yrs   Hippo